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  • The Best James Bond

    You may have heard this on Chris Evans' show on
    radio 2. A survey to find out the most favoured actor as James Bond. Just wondering who would come out tops with everyone on the crafts forum!

    Who do you prefer??

    I think I will have to go for newboy,

    Daniel Craig - not exactly sexy but he can shake my martini any day!!!
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    I have to say Sean Connery will always be James Bond to me, however Daniel Craig comes a very....very close second. Didn't really rate any of the others.

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      Daniel Craig is lovely as the new James Bond - but there really only is one person for me that is James Bond and that's Sean Connery.



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        Sean Connery for me. Didn't see the last one but I have free tickets to a very posh premiere of Quantum of Solace next week, need to find a dress eeeek!!! Selina


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          Sean Connery for me... but I really think its time George Clooney had the part! lol


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            Sean Connery rocks my boat too but have to admit that I could fancy Pierce Brosnen if I really put my mind to it!

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              I would always have plumped for Sean Connery but then along came Craig Daniel and well I would have to say that he is definitely my choice now. Just love that brooding look...drool
              oops that'll be Daniel Craig - showing my age, dementia is setting in LOL
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                Sean Connery, followed by Pierce Brosnan, sorry but I think the originals are always the best and Sean had that air about him not to mention the accent. Have to go and have a cup of tea now and calm down!


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                  Well I'm out on my own on this one, but I've always loved Timothy Dalton, oooh he made me drool and I thought he was good as Bond (but I know I'm in the minority).

                  Sean Connery comes a close second though, he was fab as Bond and very sexy.

                  I was pleasantly suprised by Daniel Craig though, I just couldn't see him doing Bond, but he was really good and ticked the sexy box too.
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                    Oh dear oh dear. Ladies, you are talking from your heart not your head. Daniel Craig is tops but is closely followed by George Lazenby. Both can act. The worst was probably Roger Moore
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                      Originally posted by Selina View Post
                      Sean Connery for me. Didn't see the last one but I have free tickets to a very posh premiere of Quantum of Solace next week, need to find a dress eeeek!!! Selina

                      You lucky ducky!!!

                      Hmm, well I grew up with Roger Moore so he is my fave of the oldies.
                      I can see why people love Sean.
                      I think Daniel Craig is great for the modern Bond.He looks like he could do all the stunts and win a fist fight.

                      Im glad to say Im not dissapointed by andy Bond choices tho I wasnt happy when I heard Clive Owen was in the running, I would not have been happy.I think the Bond girls need tohave more character to them like Grace Jones had, they mostly seem very wishy washy.


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