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  • Phobias

    Eden has had a phobia of buttons since she was about 18months old. She shudders physically at the sight of them and point blank refuses to wear them which, as you can imagine has proved difficult to say the least.
    Up until this year, I was able to get her zip fronted polo shirts (designed for boys) This year she finally agreed to have a blouse and she wore it, but insisted on putting her chin down onto the top button to hide it.
    Her teacher called me in yesterday and asked why we were forcing her to wear a blouse when it was so obviously causing her a lot of distress and to go out and buy some long sleeved roll neck tops instead.
    The change in Eden this morning is amazing. She's got up happy, got dressed without crying and gone to school happy.

    Anyone got any wierd phobias?
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    Bless her, when I was young it was daddy long legs... but my brother in law has a phobia of cotton wool! cant look at it, touch it , breath in the same air as it! I wonder how these things all start in our minds??

    Tell Eden zips & velcro rule ok!


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      aw bless her - glad you found an alternative for her though. With me it's wet wool - can't stand to touch it *shudders*

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        Aw that's a shame - must be so hard for you. Do you think she will grow out of it?

        Just the typical phobia for me "spiders" I think it is the way they move that freaks me out more than being physically scared of them.



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          I'm successfully working at my phobia of HMRC Self-Assessment forms... 47% of the way through the online version.
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            Originally posted by woodtattoos View Post
            I'm successfully working at my phobia of HMRC Self-Assessment forms... 47% of the way through the online version.
            scary stuff! lol


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              Horses! Eeeeeek!
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                  Oh bless her - isnt it strange how these sorts of phobias can affect you. Its great that she is happier now and maybe as she gets older she will be able to adjust to buttons.


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                    Don't laugh....lycees! I kid you not, even typing this makes me feel quesy
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                      Deep water (drowning) and the dentist.
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                        Deep water too (drowning also even though I can swim) and it's not really a phobia but I intensely dislike jelly. Yep the wibbly wobbly kind. Oh and I also don't like Paddington Bear (incident with a life sized Paddington when I was 2)
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                          Usual things for me too, daddy long legs, spiders and moths. I love butterflies but big, chunky, fluffy moths, eeeek!
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                            It used to be moths, until my third MRI scan when I had a panic attack - now moths don't seem so scary any more!


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                              With me its always been heights - I'm not afraid of the height as I've no problem going on aeroplanes but you've got more chance of knitting snow than you have of getting me to look out of the window. I can't even look down when I'm on an escalator! And its not just a fear of it as I physically shake and have even hyperventilated on a couple of occasions.

                              On one occasion I was on a family holiday in Corfu with my partner, 6 yr old son, brother and sister in law and their 2 kids. We walked around the outside wall of the big castle on the hill which was ok as the wall was about 20 foot high. We were almost at the top and we had to climb a small metal ladder to get to the roof-top but I got half way up the ladder and I just froze - the thought that we were so high up just terrified me even though the wall prevented me from seeing down. My brother and his wife took the kids away so they couldn't see my distress whilst my partner literally cradled me and walked me to safety.

                              Have to say that I'm not as bad as I used to be - probably due to the "tough love" that my OH administers! He reckons the only way to overcome your fears is to face them head on. On our honeymoon he took me to the top of a mountain and made me look at the view from the top - this pic was taken about half way up and if you look closely you can see how white my knuckles are! Notice the fake smile for the camera?


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