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My body is giving up on me!

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  • My body is giving up on me!

    First it was my arm. Well technically i think it stems from my neck but my arm gets very sharp pains when i move it a certain way. It also goes tingly. The doc says its a tendon injury and will take a while to heal. So i am on ibuprophen 3 times a day to help. I havnt been sleeping lately because it hurts.

    Now today my lower back has given out on me! I have no idea how. I can only presume i pulled it at work. I can sit ok but i cant walk without bending over in pain. Its so annoying. Im only 24 and in ok shape but i feel really old! I cant think why my body keeps on breaking on me!!!

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    Doc Greenplover recommends a large cup of tea and a nice rest to regain your strength

    Hope you get on the mend soon, being out of action is no fun.


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      Only 24 eh??? If your body is falling apart on you now then you've not got much to look forward to when you grow up, have you!

      Welcome to the club - I had the same moan yesterday. I have repetetive strain injury in my right arm (elbow and wrist are both playing up). On Friday I stubbed one of my toes on the foot bit of my pedal bin and I think I may have broken one of the tiny bones in it (previous experience of a broken toe makes me think this) so I've been walking/limping with all my weight on my other foot which has a verrucca (SP?) right in the middle of the ball of it - very painful! I've been plagued with a series of cold sores over the last 2 months - as soon as one goes another errupts. Last month I had a boil type infection in an unmentionable place and now that's cleared up, another one has decided to grow on the other side of that unmentional place! Oh well - I'll just keep taking my happy pills and hope that my lost marbles don't cause me any grief on top of everything else.

      Seriously though, you're right. Sometimes it just seems like everything happens all at once and I will definitely recommend an "I'm-feeling-sorry-for-myself-so-you-gotta-be-nice-to-me-or-else" kinda strop cos it does sometimes help.

      Keep smiling - things will get better.

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        I'm sure you've been told this before, but try ( a good) osteopath. I thought it was bunkum until my arm basically locked up and had pins and needles down my right arm. I went out od desperation and he had me fixed in about 3 sessions ( aparently if they say it will take more than about 5 sessions, he is only after your money) Real Glow-In-The-Dark decorations


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          Originally posted by handcrafted View Post
          Now today my lower back has given out on me! I have no idea how. I can only presume i pulled it at work. I can sit ok but i cant walk without bending over in pain.
          Its probably happened as a result of you compensating for your arm but hope it all gets better soon. I recommend lots of chocolate to raise the serotonin levels


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            Mmm I feel for you.......literally, I'm covered in bruises at the moment! and it hurts to straighten my arm out because my elbow hurts, and my back hurts from hunching over my crafty stuff!
            I don't have much to look forward to, arthiritus is in my family history, apparently by the time I'm 50 I'll need hip replacements, that gives me 30 years to worry!

            Hope you feel better soon! For now you need to curl up with a wheat bag (or a hot water bottle) to ease the pain, and maybe change your pillow or even your mattress
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              Poor you!

              I've been suffering with my arm/shoulder as I have had to do computer work at home without my super-mouse. If the problem is computer related seriously look into getting a Quill mouse. They look weird and unconventional but make sure you hand is in a better shape and stops your arm and shoulder twisting. Certainly helped me (although with one session with the osteopath) until the extra work at home/

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