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RAC AA green flag Which one ?

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  • RAC AA green flag Which one ?

    Anyone got any good advice on which you'd use ?

    I used to use green flag but have never called them out so i'm a bit lost..

    All cost the same so which is best ???

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    Ive never had the chance to use them(thankfully) but Im with RAC.Used to be AA but I think we just go on price and what they offer so RAC is better this time round.
    I think i get a courtesy car if I break down and home call out, but then again I know nowt about cars.

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      Ever since the RAC were exposed as being on commision to sell batteries etc, I've stuck with the AA. Called them out three times in the last 10 years (old car!) and no problems at all, in fact they really seemed to put themselves out for me. I'd definitely stick with the 'Relay' though, otherwise recovery can cost a fortune.


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        I used to have a really old car which I repeatedly left the lights on over night (no beeping noise to tell me I had done it!) Id get up next morning wth a flat battery, then I was with the AA and they were great.
        I have a brand new car now and that came with cover for two years but I think I will go back to AA when the time comes to renew as they gave me great service in the past. Only my opinion though and I don't know what the prices are like now...
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          Hi Mega Crafter

          My husband runs a fleet of wedding cars, with two Italian Supercars especially for the grooms - although they are beautiful they are not the most reliable cars in the world - we are with the RAC and I have to say they have never let us down (yet!) and always offer a fast response with regular communication so we know just how long we are going to be waiting.

          I have not had any experience of the AA although I would imagine they are much the same as the RAC, I did have a bad experience with Green Flag where they recovered my car but lost track of it for 4 days.

          Hope this helps