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    Well I'm off on my holidays this saturday, and as sods law would dictate its raining, and as I'm going to down cornwall way, Lamorna Cove, I bet the rain follows me. We are going to the eden project on the way, has anyone ever been?

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    Been to Cornwall at least a hundred times and still never made it to the Eden Project! I can tell you though that just down the road from there is an indoor market called Cornish Market World. Its only open at the weekend but its great for a cooked brekkie and a walk round for a while, good £1 stalls for bargains and out of the rain!! Selina


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      Have a lovely time in Cornwall , there are some great places to stock up on craft goodies
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        The Eden project is worth a visit, esp if its raining out. Its smaller than you might imagine from their ads.

        When we went your entry ticket was valid for a year - althought we didnt go back in time!

        If you do go, be sure to take off glasses and cover camera lenses as you go into the tropical area - instant mist up! Although once inside v funny to stand there a while and watch others wander in and immediately stop as they cant see a thing! - or am I just cruel

        Have fun in Cornwall, its a beautiful place - lucky you - now I want to go!
        Terry xxx
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          Lucky you. I've wanted to go to the Eden Project for a long time. I am in Devon a lot but never make it to Cornwall. Going to make a special effort next year.
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            Yeah, I've been there and it's great. Enjoy yourself!

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              I fancy a visit there too, let us know how it goes, enjoy your hols.
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                I'm Cornish and proud.

                I'm from Cornwall and went to the Eden Project when it first opened. It was very impressive then, but will be much better now that the domes have matured. The tropical dome was spectacular.

                Selina is also right about the brekkie at Cornish World. The last time we were there we had hot pork rolls. UUUmmmmmm. Mouth watering now.. I'm hungry.

                Lamorna Cove is very pretty and you will enjoy the countryside regardless of the weather. (Cornwall is not known for good weather, because its a peninsula on the West, it's very damp and drizzly. Don't get me wrong, when the sun is out, it's glorious, but it's not that often). I have found living where we are in Scotland is much better weather and not always colder!

                Make sure you have a proper Cornish Pasty - oh, how I miss my Cornish Pasties! UUUmmmmm, see I'm off again - food.

                Have fun.
                Take care

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                  You lucky thing. I have been to Eden twice and whilst I like it, spending a day there to me would be tricky. They have some nice food places though

                  There are lots of lovely things to look at, but as another PP has suggested people watching is a great way to add to the experience.

                  My preference for gardens is Helligan, not very far away for Eden at all - now that is one amazing place and I could spend days there, pop down the road to Mevagissey for some nice chips by the sea too.