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Why does no-one want to buy my car????

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  • Why does no-one want to buy my car????

    My lovely litte car has been advertised and has massive for sale signs in the window and iv only had one viewer in AGES!!! I understand that she's possibly a "marmite" car but i think she's very pretty!!! Why does no-one want her???


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    Oh lovely!! Id buy her if i had money...

    I think people just arnt buying cars at the moment. My OH sold his Lexus but it took months to sell it and he got a really bad price for it. But he had no choice as he had a deposit down on a bike and needed the money frm the car.
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      Is that a Figaro? If only we had the money my hubby would be driving up to Scotland this very second to buy your car as he'd love a Figaro, many a times I've had to listen to him harp on about them. Andrew Marr has got one you know.

      I think handcrafter is right though, there are a few cars around here that have had for sale signs in them for ages, just don't think anyone is buying anything at the moment.
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        I am NOT letting my OH see that car otherwise it would snuggling down in my garage and making itself at home. How very cute. I guess its not entirely practical for a lot of people so it would be bought for fun and lets face it this government has made sure we can't afford fun anymore.


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          gorgeous car!!!
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            Aaaah! That's a lovely car!!! So far my Trevor (that's my car!) has cost me £500 this week! One garage did a servicing and TOTALLY messed me around and told me the wrong thing - grrr and now I have to get a load of repairs!!! If it costs me anymore I might be in the market for a new car!!

            Sorry we're not helping much are we!?! You don't want sympathy - you just want to sell your car! I expect it's the credit crunch mainly but also being an old car people are maybe a bit nervous....are their any garages enar you? Could you get them to sell it? I guess that would be an expensive way of doing it - maybe you could pretend you're going to sell it to them and see if you can find out any advice about selling it and then do it yourslef! Or have oyu advertised it in auto trader or anything? My OH did that with his old Land Rover and het got loads of call - make sure you have someone with you when anyone ocmes to look at the car though!

            Good luck!

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              Could you see if there is a classic car website or an owners club for that make that accept adverts, or see if there are any classic car rallies/shows near you and park it in the car park - near where people will walk by - with the for sale stickers on.
              I know this is a long way from you but it may be useful
     I'm sure there are more around like it.

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                I love your car! Have just bought an i.10 (Hyundai) or it would have been getting a visit from me, sorry!


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                  Its absolutely GORGEOUS car



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                    I love it, my friend has one as well!


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                      yes, its a nissan figaro and its a 1991 so its not THAT old Its not the most practical but iv managed to use it daily and get all my shopping in, my hubby and my 3yr old not probs. The roof comes down too. AND she has air con, elec windows and an original refurbed cd player.
                      Iv had her on ebay, adtrader, she was for sale at a classic car show she was entered in, and i have big for sale signs in the window Personally, id love to keep her but my hubby is forcing the sale. but the way things are going..... i think i'll be keeping her!!! he he but im just a bit miffed that no-one wants the poor wee soul !



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                        She looks in lovely condition. I can only think the Credit Crunch is the reason for not selling. But then, if you don't really want to part with her maybe the Credit thingy is working for you not against you. It is also a truism that two cars in a family these days is an expensive luxury. Life sure gets difficult.
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                          Been doing a lot of research on motorhomes lately, getting ready for when we become travelers. maybe next year. The best bargains are north of the border! no one up there is buying anything.
                          Maybe you can find a friend in the home counties to sell it for you
                          And im sorry to tell you but 17 years is old for a car, not as old as my 1972 marlin but still quite old even if she is loved


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                            She is beautiful x x

                            I suppose though, she's neither modern nor a classic so it is hard to reach those buyers.

                            The fact that it is a modern classic feel car should mean she should bare up better than a true classic though!

                            Good Luck x,
                            at least you are in a win / win situation!

                            x x
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                              Snow your car is cute!!!

                              i'm trying to sell a car too at the moment, and it seems like no-one really wants to part with their cash. I've had loads of interest which is surprising as it's quite a spe******t car I'm selling, but no firm offers (or only really really silly ones)

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