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    Hi Im Julia and have just joined the forum!

    Im recently retired from my job as an ambulance driver/attendant after having been off work for just over a year with Neuro Disease (MS)....and have become a wheelchair user since last november so Im still kinda getting used to it all!

    I attend a craft club held by my local shop mobility and am looking for new disabled members in the tyne & wear (south shields) area to come along as I am starting a class of my own as soon as I get enough members.

    Im addicted to crafting and when my illness and symptoms allow, I spend a huge proportion of my time crafting. Ive found that a lot of craft clubs etc dont cater for disabled folk mainly because of access.

    So as well as getting to know everyone, Im also interested in hearing from any other disabled crafters and trading 'good day' & 'bad day' experiences!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Julia xx
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    Hi Julia! I'm nowhere near you (I think, pretty useless at directions!) But I'm disabled too! I had a lump removed from my spine when I was 23 (40 next week, ahem) which left me partially paralysed on my left hand side. Mind you, I look on the bright side, before the lump was taken out, I was totally paralysed. I used a wheelchair for years until I worked out just how far I could comfortably walk. I haven't met anyone who likes being in one but when you're in a queue and behind a bloke with a nice tight bum, it has it's perks!

    I love textile stuff, dressmaking and bag making are my current favs but I knit and, when I get time, paint. I've been looking at all the lovely cards made by other forum members and am going to have a go at making my own christmas cards.

    Good luck with your club, I bet you'll have a right laugh!



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      Good luck to you with launching a craft club - I hope you have mostly good days

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        Hi Julia, I'm down in Hereford so I'm afraid I won't be able to join you but good luck with you craft club. What do you enjoy doing by the way? I make cards and write poetry. I had a car accident 9 years ago, legs rejigged and a bang on the head...was in hospital for a few months and had to learn to walk again, wheelchair, zimmer frame, what an eye opener that was! My husband gave up his job to look after me and our 3 boys and he's been brilliant. Good days and bad days...yep, I know about them!! I look forward to hearing how you get on
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          Originally posted by purplemac View Post
          I haven't met anyone who likes being in one but when you're in a queue and behind a bloke with a nice tight bum, it has it's perks
          Oh that made me laugh! I love the idea of you sitting there at bum level eyeing up the view. Anyway to our new member. I am an able bodied jewellery maker. I am surprised that you find many places that don't have wheelchair access as I thought that the law made access compulsory. Shows what I know! Good luck with your crafting.


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            Now everyone thinks people in wheelchairs are perverts!!! He he heee!! (I bet it's not just me!!) If you ever have someone behind you in a wheelchair, clench those buttocks!!!





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              Hiya, and welcome! What sort of thing do you lke to make?

              Access with a wheelchair is always a problem - if it's just a little hall or something, they don't always have the money to build ramps and such, especially as the H&S standards now make it cost thousands. But I used to work at a day-centre for disabled people (before it was closed down as being "separatist" and against Government policy), and we had some portable ramps in the van that used to help with steps. They were just big long plywood planks with heavy rubber feet, but they made loads of places instantly accessible!

              Personally, I reckon that we need loads more research into better wheelchairs that can simply cope with steps & such, like they're doing in the USA...

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                Hi again and thank you for all your hellos ;-)

                I do mainly card making for all occasion, I make bridal tiaras, and hair accessories, cake toppers, wedding stationary, make novely place mats so love doing them in the run up to xmas for family etc, and I make my own gift boxes, exploding boxes and a few other novely card crafts, prams, cots, cribs, shoes bla bla bla.....usually try something new each week and Im addicted to create and craft and have bought loads of their stuff recently its fab!

                Yeah the wheelchair can be a bit of a pain where access is concerned....I think alot of building have addapted their entrances but still some havent made adequate changes.

                But yeah the 'checking out bums' is a def perk lol!

                As for good and bad days I seem to be having more bad than good at the moment so hoping thats just because Im having a flare up at the moment!
                I seem to run out of steam so easy these days and its frustrating as crafting is the one thing I get some pleasure from since becoming ill but even thats a problem some days.....never mind I could be on my bad days if I cant craft I will just have to come on here and chat instead lol!

                Julia xx
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                  Hi again ladies.....Im back and thought Id check in and see how everyone is doing?
                  Well alot has happened in my life since I was last here...all good thankfully!

                  Im still crafting...still doing cards, hand crafted jewellery and still baking. Celebration cakes, cupcakes and cakepops have really taken off so Im pretty busy atm!

                  I did set my own craft group up and it really took off! I started off card making, then started a jewellery making class and they both became very popular! My main thing is def the cakes these days tho! I dont do the craft clubs at the moment tho as they were all evening classes and Ive since recently had our gorgeous baby girl Matilda so I cant drag myself away from her to carry on with the even classes atm but one day I will pick up again lol!

                  So....hope your all well and still crafting!

                  Look forward to hearing from you all and catching up with everyone xxx
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                    Welcome back Wilma
                    Glad to hear you are still crafting, and a big congratulations on baby Matilda ! I'm pleased that your craft club was a success, but I can quite understand how the family take preference.

                    I have the hidden disability of being deaf so I know about the frustrations of not being able to do everything you want to.



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                      Hi Melanie,

                      thanks for your message I hope you doing ok....

                      Yeah family is def more important the the craft groups especially while she is so young but will pick up again one day...espcially as one of my groups was a special needs group and they loved it so felt bad when I wrapped it up! Yeah I can imagine its frustrating for you at times but good for you to keep cracking on....Im teaching Matilda sign language and shes just getting used to the signs for milk, food, all gone, hello, yes and thank you! I also signed with my older daughter Kate whos now 17 and although they have no hearing difficulties its been helpfull over the years and when Kates helped with at the craft cluc with the special needs children and adults!

                      Well Im trying to upload more pics here but im having probs so off to try again lol!

                      take care and talk soon xxx
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                        Hello again...I couldn't quite believe it when I looked at the date of your first message and my reply too, 2008! Tempus Fugit! Congratulations on your new baby girl xxx
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                          Hey Nettie....ha I know.... Its been a while!!! lol

                          Thanks you. Shes just gorgeous and Im loving being a mammy to a baby again...its magical xxx
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