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Harley Davidson Rally at Aviemore

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  • Harley Davidson Rally at Aviemore

    I went to the Harley Rally at Aviemore today and rode pillion on the back of a hog. What a fantastic thrill. The weather was great, sunny and warm and the atmosphere great also.

    I haven't been a 'biker chick' for years.

    My mum (almost 60) also rode pillion on a Harley! She loved it.

    We felt like school girls again!!

    There were hundreds of bikes and there was live music and tade stands. My daughter who is 14 months also had a sit on a Harley. She loved it.

    Well, just wanted to gloat because we had a ride on a Harley.
    Take care

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    WOW - you lucky thing. What a great day you must have had, sounds like brilliant fun.
    by Nicki

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      Originally posted by goldieab View Post

      My mum (almost 60) also rode pillion on a Harley! She loved it.
      Go mum!

      I havent been on a Harley but my man has a gorgeous Yamaha Dragstar Classic and that was the first time I'd ever been on the back of a bike - thrill is definitely the word I'd use too! - I love being biker chick on the back but I do look a bit like the Mighty Atom when I put me helmet on! When the girls I used to work with saw the piccies, they fell about, said I looked like I was about to be shot out of a canon!

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        Heheh - glad you had fun.

        We don't have a Harley, but we do have a big red 1500 Vulcan that looks a lot like one :

        I don't ride it myself (I'd just wobble and then fall off!), but ride pillion behind my beloved :

        Scorch's Pyrography :
        Crafts on Flickr :