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Sheffield's Tinsley Cooling Towers are no more

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  • Sheffield's Tinsley Cooling Towers are no more

    Twas a very sad moment. I was stood at the Debenhams car park in Meadowhall along with about 6000 others.

    I loved those towers, not aesthetically but just for what they stood for and I think it's one of the last symbols of Sheffield's industrial heritage gone for good. Plus they've always just been there and now they're not and something seems like it's missing....

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    A very sad sight. I used to travel to my parents place in devon every month or so. Coming back I got onto the M1 and could relax untill I saw the towers, then I knew we were nearly home. They will be missed and its a great pity that a use could not be found for them


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      It's really sad the towers are gone. I've driven by them a few times with my boyfriend and always found them fascinating to see. And I've no idea why they were knocked down! I heard a local councillor talking about it on national radio and he didn't sound too happy either . . .


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        I was never lucky enough to see these towers but we passed the ones in Oxford a few weeks ago and thought they looked wonderful. It's such a shame they have gone.



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          At the risk of getting slapped I'm glad they went - I live 2 junctions away from them and I used to hate driving past them - I get "dizzy" around tall buildings and I used to have to pull the visor down and focus on the road directly in front of me to go over the viaduct Ok you can laugh at me now after that confession lol
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