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    Has anyone tried selling on Amazon? I have for the 1st time put my camcorder for sale and have received 2 emails asking for pics. These were genuine as I checked the properties. But after that I received an email from the same person confirming payment. He asked me to send to Nigeria!!!!! That made me thinking!

    Have you experienced anything like this? I replied to him and I am wondering if he can hack into my account.

    Any comments appreciated.


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    Nigerian 419 comes to mind -****s.html
    the rule of thumb is if it says Nigeria, or has a $ sign, it's a ****!


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      I used to sell books on Amazon (second hand obviously) and it turned out to be a waste of time. Too many people listing books on there and everyone listed at 1p, which I admit is great for the buyer but not for the seller as you get £2.76 (I think) which is postage plus your 1p but then with fee's etc you end up only taking £1.41 which then you have to use to post the book - fine if it's a small paperback but not if it's a huge hardback book. It might be worth it for items that are worth more money but the secondhand books market on there is saturated with 1p books.

      Kind of off topic but thought it might be useful advice anyway!
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