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Wow, I have a wedding to plan!!

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  • Wow, I have a wedding to plan!!

    Yes... yesterday I got engaged, after 10 years!!! (We don't rush into things, ha ha)

    So now the fun starts.
    We're hoping to be able to do it next year, possibly in September.

    Any words of wisdom, will be welcomed!
    Sarah x

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    YEY congratulations!! really pleased for you. I hope you keep us updated with LOTS of info ... especially about your dress, flowers, invites, and all the other pretty things!

    You should check out the lady on here who does cake toppers, she is called [email protected], her cake toppers are AWESOME!

    Helen x

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      Thanks Helen.

      Yes, this will be a very useful place running up to it, for lots of hints and tips.

      I'll keep you all posted.
      Sarah x

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        I remember planning my wedding (quite a few years ago now) and it was great fun but a lot of work. There are soooo many lovely things out there now to choose from so it'll be great fun. If I can be of any help with stuff I do do quite a lot of wedding decorations etc. (sorry don't mean to market myself or anything!!)
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          Congratulations and well done!!

          I got engaged after 5 years and then got married 3 years later. And I'd nearly given up hope!!!

          I'd second the cake toppers from Pauline - they are fab!!!


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            Congratulations on getting engaged !!!

            Sara x
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              Congratulations!! keep us all up to date.....No advise to offer though, single again and no marriage on the horizon for me I think!!



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                Don't worry about getting engaged after 10 years, OH and I have been together for 11 years and engaged for 9, with still no plans to get married!!

                Make sure you don't have as long an engagment as we have

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                  Congratulations. You should be able to sort the wedding out in plenty of time - we planned ours in 9 months. My only piece of advice is to enjoy the planning as it is almost as much fun as the wedding, and the day itself goes quite quickly! Our biggest problem on our wedding day was the minister getting stuck on the M6! He was nearly late!
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                    Thank you all for that.
                    I'll keep all those comments in mind

                    It will definitely not be a long engagement, 18 months, maximum!!!
                    I'll be 28 next August, I feel thats the right age.
                    Sarah x

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                      Aah that's great news, congratulations!!


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                        My advice.... Have fun planning! Its your day, don't let anyone - however well intentioned - convince you to do you don't want to! so many brides stress cos Mum/mum in law 2b want to invite hitherto unknown relatives that the budget just doesnt extend to.
                        We 'reworked' the system - got married at sunset on a beach in Fiji had our honeymoon there and then back to UK for blessing ceremony and party here! (got to wear dress again)
                        All the best
                        Terry xx
                        Terry xxx
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                          Yay CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

                          Originally posted by Muddle Jewellery View Post
                          It will definitely not be a long engagement, 18 months, maximum!!!
                          I'll be 28 next August, I feel thats the right age.
                          I got married a week before I turned 28 and it's our 5th anniversary in 2 weeks time We went to Sri Lanka to get married - I'm not good at being the centre of attention and I don't cope well with stress so it was the perfect solution for us....and it really was wonderful!
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                            Congratulations on your engagement!



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                              congratulations...........fantastic news. If you want some advice on your wedding makeup, visit

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