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  • Jobbies

    Well, iv had some couple of days.....

    Yesterday, i was offered a job out of no-where! Iv gladly accepted! AND i sold 4 pieces of jewellery ! So i was on such a high and i kept thinking that something was going to come along to burst my bubble. Well today, that moment arrived.

    I had my aunts dog for the day so i took her out to Strathclyde Park. We were half way round (Cybie wasnt on the lead) and i could see her sniffing something in the distance and then rolling about on the ground. When i got closer, i realised she had been sniffing the most foul smelling jobby in the world and had then rolled on it covering herself in shi*e ! OMG! I was only half way round the park! I had another half to walk with a jobbie covered dog!!!!
    So, got her in the water and gave her a good splash hoping that she would like it and go further in to wash it off. but no. she shook and sprayed me with a mixture of dirty water and foul shi*e. I couldnt believe it! So, yes. We walked the rest of the way totally stinking. Got to the car, covered her in baby wipes. I even got poo on my hands!!!!!!!

    What a day. ( I can laugh about it now)

    p.s - does anyones elses dog roll in poo? i thought it was a bit odd.

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    Heheheheh - I sympathise with you totally cos our dog is just the same. We used to have to watch him like a hawk but he's very old now and doesn't stray far away from us so now we always manage to stop him.

    Hubby says its a natural hunting instinct (used by pack dogs) - dogs will roll in the muck of whichever animal they are hunting. This disguises the smell of dog thus allowing the dog to creep up on its prey.

    Now I wanna know what was your dog hunting for in the park?

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      me too cause it certainly didnt smell like dog poo!!! But it was big soft and brown and was really foul !!!! Oh, im boaking thinking about it.

      Im so glad someone elses dog does this! I thought poor Cybie was loosing the plot!!!


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        My German Pointer does all manner of foul things, but more importantly what is the new job that you've been offered and what jewellery did you sell?!!


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          Originally posted by SNOWF1975 View Post
          me too cause it certainly didnt smell like dog poo!!! But it was big soft and brown and was really foul !!!! Oh, im boaking thinking about it.
          Waaaay too much information. Now, as janet says, tells us about yor other news. You must be so excited.

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            Eeeew! Probably fox poo - stinks to high heaven, my little dog adores it

            Congratulations on your sales and the new job Well deserved.
            Cathy xx
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              Yikes - nearly gagged on my coffee reading that but congrats on the job (tell us all about it?) and the sales (yippee!).


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                And that's why I don't have a dog! LOL
                Our old dog used to roll in Fox cr*p which absolutely hums! We'd bath him afterwards with special shampoos and everything but we never could get the smell to completely go away! So glad I've only got a Mog and a couple of gerbils!

                Having said that I did manage to sink my toes in some cat sick as I walked bare foot round the back garden yesterday evening! Nice .

                Congrats on your successes! That's life I'm afraid. Something lovely happens and then something less lovely pulls you back down to earth again!
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                  Congratulations on getting the job and selling some jewellery and commiserations on getting covered in doggy doo doos. What a day!

                  Jo x
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                    LOL this made me chuckle - congrats on the job - and I was gonna say its probably fox doo too, my brother said his 2 dogs always go for that stuff, must be like truffles to pigs for some dogs

                    Shaz x
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                      Just got back from 2 weeks in France and checking up to see what I've missed! When I came across this thread I thought "Jobbies" surely not!! Expecting it to be a really mature conversation about new jobs!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

                      Fab - btw plenty of foul jobbies in France (all over the pavements and grassy areas!!!!!!!) I didn't roll in any though!!

                      Claire x


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                        Well, if your looking for adult and mature....... its probably best to avoid my threads ! ha ha. Plus, i tend to hijack other people threads and lower the tone of them also! I cant help it!
                        crafty-clarie - Everyone seems to have little dogs in France dont they! Especially Paris. And they seem to get them to poop in the gutters !! Paris isnt the cleanest of places i found. But i LOVE it anyway! (but the loo's on the top of the Effel Tower are immaculate!!!)

                        On a serious note.... the job....

                        Currently im doing a PDA Classroom Assistant at college and i have a one day placement at a local primary school. The Head called me and asked if i would like another 12.5hrs SEN (Special Education Needs) !! AND she will work around my placement and college time!! Im so chuffed! Its all experience and IM GETTING PAID!!! But how im going to find the time for a 3yr old, college, placement, work, forum and jewellery making is beyond me! I'll just need to see how it go's, drink some red bull, and get on with it! ha ha ha

                        Jewellery..... I sold 2 items on Dawanda and 2 items from my web site. Well chuffed !!!



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                          I want to say congrats on the jobbie, but that might sound wrong!!! oh well it makes me laugh. Sorry but I couldn't really help it.

                          I'm chicken sitting at the moment for my neighbours. Now that stuff could give fox doodoo a run for its money.
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                            One of our dogs will roll in anything - chicken ****, sheep droppings, anything smelly bleuch! The other one doesn't do it (yet - he's only 10 months old).