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New kitty!

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  • New kitty!

    I got a new kitten yesterday! Had to convince OH but he came around in the end lol.

    Its a girl and we still need a name!

    After a shakey start the 2 cats are getting on ok. I only let them together when im around for now. The kitty isnt too sure of the dog but he is huge!
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    Isn't she beautiful. Its a lovely age, so mischievous. I am sure she will do something in a day or two that will make you think of a very apt name. Our cats, lost both within a year, ruled the dog with a rod of iron.
    One of them used to set up a fight with the Tom next door and then run and sit behind the dog and the poor dog was left to sort it out.
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      What a cutie!!! I normally give my pets names and then they soon get adapted to something else!


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        Oh she is precious!

        That first picture is so sweet. I want to eat her up!


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          oooohhh so cuuuute!!!!

          I just want to give her a big squishy hug.

          How about jasmine, or snowdrop .Sorry - a bit obvious because of her colour. I lack imagination when it comes to animal names, I have a cat called Mog!!!

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            Awwww so beautiful,took me ages to convince my OH to let me have a cat as well ( 5 years !)
            When I was little we had a totally white cat ( who if I remember right was deaf ) called Sesi which my dad swore blind was an eskimo name for snow.
            She looks like a confidant little cat already,I'm sure she will soon be ruling the roost
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              aw bless, she's gorgeous

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                What a little cutie!!

                My partner and I named our two the day we got them. Jones, as he was climbing trees and swinging on things, after Indiana Jones, and Dylan, who was so chilled and laid back, after Dylan the rabbit from the Magic Roundabout. Within a week they had switched personalities, but the names had stuck by then.

                Hope you get inspiration for her name soon.

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                  Aww! What a sweetie

                  We have three resident cats (all female) and a visiting "I want food and cuddles - both at the same time" tom cat!

                  Trouble is none of the females like any of the others, although they all tolerate the tom cat quite well; the tom cat is so laid back it's unbelievable!



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                    She is so cute...she's soo pretty (Polly?!!)...I'm sure a name will come to you, she's gorgeous.
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                      Ah, what a sweetie and she does look a bit mischevious too, bless her

                      I thought Angel cos of her colour, but then thats my fella's nickname for me hence my angel tattoo on my back so I'm biased!

                      It is funny how their names naturally come to you though - when I brought my brother & sister kittens home 2.5 years ago I kept calling him a Bonny Lad so thats his name - and she kept getting into mischief so I was always saying "what are you up to now Missy?" so thats hers (Sunday name, Missy Girl)

                      Have fun!
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                        awww gorgeous!



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                          oh she's so sweet and tiny looking , we got a new kitten a few weeks ago a little ginger miss who rules the house .. we called her fistral after the beach in Cornwall !!
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