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can sharing knowledge be a form of piracy ?

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  • can sharing knowledge be a form of piracy ?

    can sharing knowledge be a form of piracy ?

    today i was attacked by a fellow crafter so to speak asking me to offer my craft knowledge for free
    and if i failed to do so

    Originally posted by xxxxxxx View Post
    not really part of the ethos of this forum.

    my attitude in charging for teaching my art is classed as unethical and against every rule under the sun according to our friend here
    i respect this opinion but it made me think if am honest
    logical speaking when i send my kid to school and am expected to pay for his education i never see any wrong doing in that
    i would see me sending him to school and not paying as an act of piracy
    the data he's collecting there didn't land from the moon
    allot of effort was put in it and i do see it as an act of piracy
    but that's me
    and that's my opinion
    i could be wrong and i could be right
    be generous with your openings guys
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    To be honest I don't think you were attacked. It was certainly the most polite attack I've ever seen if you were, at least!

    I think people are just a little sceptical as the forum gets pounded by a lot of people offering everything from mobile phones to get rich quick schemes. I don't think the implication was that you should give away your knowledge for free. Rather, that it looks frankly, quite dodgy, to be offering your knowledge for $199. I does look from the outside like another sales pitch and the forum is about a crafting community sharing their experience and not just touting for business.

    I hope you don't feel like I'm attacking you either as that certainly isn't my intention.
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      Forum rule number 9

      9, If you wish to advertise/promote your site you have 4 choices 1- email / private message me for our advertising rate… 2 – add your site to which includes adverts on the forums right hand side, 3 – Add your site to your signature and offer great advice and help to people.. Your reputation will advertise your site itself. 4 – finally try somewhere else to spam ?

      what's your problem?


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        i didn't make any offers nor mentioned any one will get rich nor even made an offer or an adviretisment

        but that's not what am on about here

        do u think that charging for knowledge is bad ?

        that's what am trying to discuss .!!!!!

        i don't have a problem guys lol
        am just asking
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          I don't think charging for knowledge is necessarilly a bad thing, but charging for it and calling it sharing is a bit ambiguous at best. Sharing implies free. Lets face it, you pay to go to Uni or college, but you know up front it's to be paid for so you have a choice - the Uni or college doesn't call it 'sharing' knowledge or information.

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            i think i ve priced it wrong u know

            and putting that picture of the box didnt really help lol

            it made it look like a cheap ****

            i think our freind here have a point and his attack did me a favor
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              I haven't been a member of this site very long, so wouldn't normally wouldn't get involved in this sort of thread. But on this occasion I'm going to risk sticking my neck out.

              I dont think you were attacked in the other post and I think you have mis quoted the other member, I don't think they were asking you to offer anything for free they were just pointing out that you hadn't been upfront about the price of your membership. Infact it looks like you are attacking the other member for mearly answering a question you asked them. Your last post on the other thread said you were going to leave it there so I don't understand why you have started a new thread.

              This is a fun, light hearted forum with lots of helpful people. I for one don't have a problem with you charging to teach just be upfront about it.

              Just out of interest why do you charge in $ and not £??



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                coz the main market is in $

                i do think there was a misunderstanding someware
                i agree

                but i never made any offers to any one free or paid

                the website have a free section for starters

                you can check it out if u r intrested

                why i started a new thred
                i wana get a wider feed back on this point
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                  I've just read the other thread attached to this. I think if you had put 'learn how to do sand art for $199' at the top of THIS thread then you wouldn't have had many replies. But your 'invite' brought you the views and got people interested without knowing the full story. Your craft/art is amazing and looks very intricate and tricky to do and of course that knowledge and expertise is gathered over time, and that time is worth money, but I think the wording of your first introduction produced the bad feeling and mislead people into the sales pitch. Sorry...
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                    I have read both threads and here is my feedback about it.
                    When I first read ' do you want to learn sand art' I thought it would be a class or course held by you, that people would attend to learn sand art. I accepted that you would charge for this.
                    I now realise that it was a chance to buy membership to your sand art business.
                    Unfortunately, this is where you lost me. It appears that the membership fee is just for access to detailed photo's, videos and instructions on how to make sand art. I know this included a small starter kit but it seemed expensive to me. I would not pay $199 to learn it myself at home. I saw that you had 7 day courses advertised on your site but there were no prices and although there was a mention about membership it didn't say whether the course was included or separate to the membership fee.
                    I did see your free tips section and your video, I thought they were very good.

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                      Originally posted by sandart View Post
                      my attitude in charging for teaching my art is classed as unethical and against every rule under the sun according to our friend here
                      I really do not want to be drawn into an arguement especially as it appears you now realise you perhaps over-reacted. However I strongly object to you making up the facts you quoted above - please re-read my original post if you still believe I said or implied this.
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                        i thankd you for your coment and we are over it now dont worry about it mate

                        i also apologize as well if i corossed any line

                        lets talk sand now lol

                        wana get dusty
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                          Originally posted by sandart View Post

                          i also apologize as well if i corossed any line
                          Time for a little clarification here. You did contravene rule 9, although you completely ignored my post advising you of this. You have also decided the moderators of this forum are your 'mates'....................this could be a mistake. You also appear to believe Natty Netty apologised to you - which you magnanimously reciprocated - I think you may have made another mistake here. Sandart, you have promoted your craft and your profession with every post since you joined the forum, maybe it is time to enjoy discussing somebody else's craft, otherwise we - the moderators - may get the impression you are only here to promote yourself, and I'm sure that couldn't be the case, otherwise it would be classed as spam. We look forward to your insights into the many facetted skills of our forum members - we have probably heard all we need to hear of yours.


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                            i dont understand

                            whats your problem >?

                            where u getting ?
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                              Your posts have been deleted because they only served to justify you advertising your business. You have been advised, and have taken no notice whatsoever of forum moderators, you obviously have no wish to join in the forum discussions therefore I see no other alternative than to recommend you leave the forum or go through the ignomy of a ban. You have pressed your case to the point where you have become boring and are only taking up bandwidth.