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I've just paid £175 and my moggie is still poorly!

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  • I've just paid £175 and my moggie is still poorly!

    This morning I rang the vets and spoke to a reasonably optimistic vet who said we could pick Floyd up this evening.

    So, OH comes home from work and goes off to fetch the Cat. Rather foolishly I thought he was coming home 'cos he was better. He's not! They still don't have a clue what is wrong with him. So, after an examination by 3 vets, an Xray, an enema (which he won't have liked!), a catheter (he'll have liked that even less!) a drip and numourous shots of antibiotics and painkillers I am now £175 down and still the owner of a very poorly puss!
    OH and myself both tried to get the vet to understand that we just wanted him to be put out of his misery but the vet always comes out with a comment like "well lets just wait and see what happens if we do this or that" !
    Can't help thinking the vets milking us for as much as she can!
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    You have my heartfelt sympathy - I am sure we know when its time for them we know them better than the Vet. I had a similar experience and changed Vet. As soon as the new Vet saw Charlie he shook his head and said it should have been done weeks ago. Some of them are just money making machine I am sure.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Sorry to hear about your puss, we have 2 cats and I'd like to think we would be able to 'do the right thing' without the vet trying to keep them alive when theres no hope. Good Luck, and hope he's Ok, Selina


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        I really feel for you. Hope you all have peaceful night.


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          You have my heartfelt sympathy and I hope that Floyd's suffering doesn't go on too long *hugs*

          Some vets seem to put morals aside just for the sake of lining their pockets with an extra few quid, but as has been already said pets become like a part of the family and you will know him better than anyone else.

          I hope you all have a restful night.


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            Aw, I'm the eternal optimist (and maybe a bit naive too) so I'd dearly love to hope that isnt the case and that they really think there might be something they can still do for the best for your Floydy lad

            But I imagine some people have, sadly, had experiences with unscrupulous vets so perhaps another opinion might be in order

            Thinking of you all whatever you do, hope he has a good night

            Shaz x
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