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Just finished my week off great!!!!

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  • Just finished my week off great!!!!

    You may have seen my earlier thread this week about the travel agent going bust, well after that I thought the week couldn't get any worse, WRONG!!!!!!!! Got up this morning to find a pellet/bullet hole in my lounge window! Must have happened last night as we would have noticed when we shut the windows last night if it had been there then. Police are slightly more interested than usual as it is a firearm that was used but then one of them tried to tell me it might have been a stone!!!!! I might be a blonde hairdresser but I'm certainly not stupid and I definitely know a pellet hole when I see one! Anyway thankfully all sorted with minimal cost as hubby is a builder, but my week really can't get any worse!!! All I need now is no one to show up at my jewellery party on Monday and I'll be totally finished!!!!!!!!!! Selina

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    awww bless! You just gotta think at least no-one was hurt. Hope things pick up for you soon!
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      Here's hoping there are lots at the party on Monday to make up for this awful week.


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        Dont you just hate those times in your life when you think "what next?"

        I musta missed your post about the travel agent but I'm with Lauralou, thank heavens none of you were nearby when that pellet came through the window

        Keep smiling and best of luck for your jewellery party. I do kinda believe we need to have a few bad things happen in life to make us appreciate the good things although its hard to see it like that when its happening, I know

        Shaz x
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