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Ollie ....... who wants to borrow him?

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  • Ollie ....... who wants to borrow him?

    Ollie is my middle son and out of my three children he's deffinatly the hardest work! He's a brilliant hard worker and plays the violin wonderfully, but if anyone is up to mischief or in trouble or has broken something or has lost something then you can bet it's Ollie. His teacher says "he'll discover a cure for cancer..... then loose it"
    This next weekend we are taking him to a violin workshop holiday for 9 days (during which we shall pannick that he'slost this, that or the other, would forget what to do and where to be etc) Anyway last night he asked if he could go out on the bike (it's his big brothers bike) Chris and I exchanged glances daring each other to say "no" and then we both nodded. There were lots of instructions handed out. Wear your helmet, tie your shoe laces, take your mobile phone, be sensible....... who are we kidding?
    45 minutes later the phone goes, it's Ollie "I've had an accident, there blood" ,
    "where are you?"
    "well you know the hill spook woods is on"
    "just stay where you are we'll be there in a minute"
    we dive in the car and drive fast to the other end of the village, no sign of him. I phone him "where are you" "in the field" well at last we find him.
    His bike hat is in four pieces. he's got blood all over his face and is a deshevelled mess. As for the bike, brand new in October for Joes birthday.... welll it's totaled!
    Chris walks the bike to a friends house then we take Ollie home. He's scuffed to bits on his back, hips and sholders, he's got three bleeding holes in his head and a black eye. I cleaned him up and stopped the blood. I have a medical background and take the decission not to take him to hospital.
    It turns out that the twit took off his bike helmet as soon as he got off the main roads. He had gone up the road to the wood and then decided to mountainbike down a stubble field. Three quarters of the way down he hit a tree root, the bike turned sidewards, ollie lost contact with the bike and flew down the hill, the bike flew after him and landed on his head.
    He's got away with a few minor injuries, I have now stated that when they are on a bike the hat is on their head.
    Had to break the news to Joe that his bike is totaled. he was really calm and said "mum don't worry, as long as Ollies ok"
    Anyway, I'm thinking of attaching a government health warning to him saying "this child may cause you stress" ANYONE WANT TO BORROW HIM?
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    Hmmm...let me think about that one for a moment.........

    She thinks to herself.."I don't have any sons, it might be nice. Four girls and all that screaming and giggling.. a boy might even things out a bit. Everyone says boys are more loving and are better at keeping in touch with their Mothers once they've left the nest...etc..."

    Three holes in his head you say?

    One completely trashed bike?'s all right you keep him!!! LOL

    Glad he's ok though!
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      Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
      Anyway, I'm thinking of attaching a government health warning to him saying "this child may cause you stress" ANYONE WANT TO BORROW HIM?
      I think I'll take a raincheck on that... thanks for the offer!
      What a story, eh? We've had similar calls ourselves resulting in various trips to hospital and so on. Kids!

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        I think I'll say thanks but no thanks, I have two boys Sam 4 and Tom 2. I am well aware of the health risks boys carry.


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          Joking aside, The terror when he said "I've had an accident there blood" really shook me up, not being able to find him and then it was total horror seeing his helmet in four pieces that got to me. Had he been wearing it he might not have had the holes in his head!
          He's fine and achey this morning although he looks a little wounded. Don't know what his violin teacher is going to say. She might refuse to have him on the camp incase he gets up to mischief under her care.
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            Oh yikes!

            I started a phone call to my Mum at 3am with, "I'm ok!" when I was upside down in a ditch, trapped in my car!

            He sounds like a proper little scallywag, but at least he's learned his lesson now! The best lessons are learned the hard way...

            Glad he's ok.


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              I've got one of these living in my house too! Glad he is O.K. Hope your nerves settle down.


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                Well the best news is that he is all in one piece and ok apart from the not so terrible wounds and the dent to his pride (not to say Joe's bike!). I thik his brother Joe was brilliant worrying more about Ollie tha his trashed bicycle. I often wish my eleven year old would get out a bit more and become a bit more streetwise instead of being glued to anything electronic that he can get his hands on but maybe after reading your story I will be careful what I wish for. Glad hes going to be fine.


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                  your poor parents! shame on you...... Hope you weren't hurt, although it does sound like your car was!

                  Originally posted by janetdc View Post
                  I often wish my eleven year old would get out a bit more and become a bit more streetwise instead of being glued to anything electronic that he can get his hands on but maybe after reading your story I will be careful what I wish for. Glad hes going to be fine.

                  Ollie is fourteen. I have to say, we've been quite controlling parents as far as what the kids are allowed to do.
                  It's only been a couple of years that he's been given a little more freedom to roam!
                  What we have done is communicated with our kids friends so that all the kids Joe plays with have the same in times and boundries. That way no parent has the awwww that's not fair coz so and so gets to be out till...
                  Ollie is a bit of a loner. he hangs out with a "girl" friend most of the time and we laugh because her parents think Ollie is a sensible calming influence!
                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                    I've got a 14 year old boy already thanks - my youngest - survived the other 2, hoping to keep the record going! He lost all feeling in his legs last year and we ended up in Aberdeen hospital the next day by which time he was walking. Never did get to the bottom of that one. Scary things kids!

                    Oh and as for boys being better at keeping in touch - my oldest son has just finished a 4 year BSc Hons degree at uni and rarely contacts us, our daughter did a 1 year course in childcare and was never off the phone/ msn!



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                      send him to me he'll fit right in 2 boys 9 and 5 years old - charles (9) falls over a lot and the day before he started school fell off his scooter and damaged his face so he went to school with half his face covered in plasters and that's just one of the many 'it just happened' or 'it just broke' and adam (5) is a climber and therefore falls usually from a great height so ollie would just slide right in there good job i did first aid in work many years ago so i don't panic OH can do enough for the both of us when the kids are hurt
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                        My eldest son is like Ollie, he was always up to something. He broke one arm at 10 falling out of a tree, then 6 months later broke the other one falling over. Then he broke his collarbone at 12 falling off his bike.
                        He's now 21 and drives his car far too fast. He passed his test last November and has already had two accidents and blew up an engine. Before that he had 2 speeding fines, and 6 points with his moped and then another speeding fine and a 6 month ban with his motorbike. At least the ban wiped the points off his licence.
                        I worry every time he goes out of the house.
                        Just remembered, he once cut the back of his head ( no stitches or anything) when he was 8 swinging dads axe to chop wood. He told me he hit it on the wall and I told the teachers this so they could look out for him the next day. When he came home he said he had told the teachers the truth !! I avoided them for weeks as it looked like I was covering up for him.

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                          As a mum of 4 boys aged 21,18,17 and 15 and one 19 year old girl, I'd love to tell you it gets easier ....but sorry I can't ,lol

                          I woke last week to find my 18 year old covered in drink induced sick soaking wet on my sofa , turns out he had been drinking after work ( he is a chef and it seems hard drinking goes with the job) and then decided to go swimming in our local resevoir ( soooo dangerous, you have no idea how much I shouted at him), only to come home at 3am without a front door key, so he decided to sleep on the trampoline,till his sister let him in at not only did I have a sofa to clean and clothes to wash I also had a trampoline to scrub !!!.

                          When mine were little the local newsagent said to me "make the most of it, it gets worse".. at the time I didn't have time to take a pee never mind brush my hair and I thought it can't get any worse ...but it has,lol

                          But I love all my kids to bits...sick,stress ,worry and all

                          ( she says rocking gently back and forth with a cup of camomile tea)
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