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  • Isnt is annoying....

    ....when someone does something that you thought of, before you worked up the guts to do it!? A close pal is starting a business (animal based), one i have been thinking of and planning for for ages. But she has more money and contacts to be able to do it right away. So if i do it too itl look like i copied her!
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    That's a real shame that she's done it if she has decided to copy your idea and beat you to it. I makes you regret talking to people about such important things, doesn't it?

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      How disapointing for you!

      Life can be cruel sometimes.

      No wise words to offer just wanted to say I feel for you.

      Your time will come (I've been telling myself this for years!!)


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        Something similar happened to me once, it's an awful feeling. You don't know whether to be really angry with them for doing it or yourself for not doing it. Maybe it wasn't to be anyway.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          I really want it to work for her. There might even be a job in it for me later! But i wanted to be the one in charge lol!
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            Frustrating! Is she doing exactly what you were planning? If not then you may be able to set your own company up and help each other out with contacts etc. Just a thought. Hope it works out for you.


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              Don't feel too bad

              Perhaps it will all turn out for the best, life takes strange directions sometimes.
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                This has just happened to me too regarding a new project I had planned. Although, everyone I've talked to about it have told me to go for it anyway!


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                  Argh very annoying! I have had similar happen before and its frustrating



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                    been there - done that and the next time i,m just going to jump right in and do it don't lose heart as someone has already said our time will come
                    while i knit i think




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                      i know exactly how you feel!
                      i'm very guarded about future plans work wise so i don't have anyone beat me to it, but i've had people beat me stuff i've not told anyone and that's just as annoying!!


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                        that's the way it is. but real talent and hard work will see you through (probably a mantra I need to work on, too)


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                          I really feel for you, by the sounds of it many of us have had similar experiences. Everything seems be comes much easier to those with money! Don't loose heart, your time will come.
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                            It's a lesson in life to watch what you say to who. I was pregnant and chose a name for Ollie. I was livid when my friend who had her baby a month before mine changed her mind and stole my very special name. I was gutted (an emotional due to the pregnancy) She acted as though I'd never told her before and she'd just come up with it out of the blue. Still Ollie is definatly an Ollie!
                            I always find that when I am at business lunches or networking events, that there is a ballance between being enthusiastic and talking about your plans and direction. I once mentioned that I was thinking of doing childrens parties, came back a month later to be handed fliers about childrens parties by 4 people there!

                            Still, you can always chuckle quietly to yourself if something goes wrong for your friend.
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                              Annoying, heck yes, but perhaps if you do decide to work for her it could be a blessing in disguise. Money's hard come by and, sadly, easily lost in business these days. Although you wish your friend all the best of luck, at least she's the one taking the risks at the moment so maybe you can learn from what she does right and wrong along the way

                              My fella hoped to start his own mini bus/coach business a few years ago but didnt have the money so he's spent a few years working for other people and I know he's learnt tons from doing that. Now he's starting out on his own and I think what he's seen will stand him in good stead

                              If you're destined to do it chuck, you'll do it anyway so try to take it in your stride and learn from it all

                              Shaz x
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