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Nightmare day yesterday!

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  • Nightmare day yesterday!

    As the title says, thank goodness it was my day off and I was able to try and sort things out. In Feb we booked flights to our villa in Florida for 28th Dec, paid the deposits, all hunky dory. Yesterday the flippin travel agent went bust!!!! And although I feel sorry for the staff especially one girl who is so helpful, 5 months pregnant and not been paid, the selfish part of me is more than very angry Anyway Virgin will honour the flights but I have to pay all of it right now and they will not take into account that I have already paid a deposit, I have to try and claim that back from Abta or credit card. To top it all the flight is now £200 more each, so flights that were £1600 are now over 2 grand and I've had to pay for them, so now have a huge credit card bill to get paid off! Upside is we are now flying on Boxing Day so get a couple of extra days hol, Rant over! Selina

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    Not a good day - but you should get the deposit back - good thing you paid it on your credit card in the first place!


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      Poor you. What a nightmare. Hope you get all the refunds sorted etc.


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        Poor you what a nightmare At least you know you should get your deposits back from the credit card company but it's all the extra hassle of submitting claims and form filling that's so frustrating.

        At least you'll be sunning yourself in Florida while we're all here freezing
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          Thank goodness you used your credit card, although we often hear horror stories about cloning etc they usually come up trumps when it comes to getting refunds.
          My cousin's wedding got cancelled 4 days before the wedding ( a long story, but she got cold feet after 7 years together and now both happily married to other people) and he managed to claim back for the reception, church, flowers and honeymoon through the card insurance.
          A nice bonus for you of an extra few days though, that must be worth the extra £200.



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            Oh Selina, how dreadful and what a worry. Is there any chance that Abta will compensate you for all the extra cash it has cost you. I hope it doesn't take the shine off your holiday.
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