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  • Omg

    This is totally non craft related but got a text yesterday and a message through friends reunited to say that someone is organising a 20 year reunion (Yes I am 36 aaarrrrhhhh) on 23rd August.

    Well my dilemma - does anyone know of a good crash diet, a good plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck and a face lift and a good hair dye that covers odd (and i mean odd) bits of grey. hee hee.

    Certainly gave my friend a good laugh when I sent back a text to her. Sorry this is so unrelated. Oh and the reply from a 25 year old in my office was "you don't look that old" - haven't quite figured if this is a compliment or not!! LOL
    The Soap Fairy xx

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    Hope you have a good time SF, wear your best smile and all will be well. My husband is going to a 50th reunion (junior school) this weekend. The organiser has managed to track down the whole class except 4 and they are all going!! I just know he's going to have a brilliant time.


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      Don't worry about how you look - just go and have a great time.

      You have to remember that you're not the only one that's 20 years older and for every one b**ch that still looks 16 there will be at least 10 women that look like they are in their 30's.

      I remember my school re-union. It was only 10 years after leaving school but I had just given birth to my DS and was around 3 stone heavier than they all remembered me. I so did not want to go! But my partner at the time insisted and he let me spend a fortune on new clothes, hair do's etc to make me feel more comfortable.

      When I got there all my worries just disappeared. No-one took any notice of how anyone looked cos we were all so wrapped up in finding out what everyone had done with their lives. It was a fantastic night.

      So go and enjoy yourself - you won't regret it.

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        Go and enjoy yourself!!! You can worry too much about how you look. I should know, I do it all the time as I've never really liked myself that much. I always envy women who can throw a pair of jeans and a jumper on and go anywhere without makeup!!!!! I just can't do it!!! You go and have a fabulous night! You won't be the only one worrying about it you know!! I bet you'll have a good laugh and a good catch up and wonder why you worried at all!!! Sue xx


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          Go enjoy your self I've never had a school reunion and I'm 40. But I did hang out with some 20 year old students in Lisbon at weekend and they said they would never have guesed I was that old . How chuffed was I after 2 days sight seeing and being up for nearly 20 hrs straight on the first day
          we never look how we feel, we always put our selves down and we shouldn't. Have a ball.
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            Thanks you lot.
            The Soap Fairy xx


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              I didn't go to my high school 10 year reunion... aside from the fact I totally forgot about it till months after, and that I went to highschool in California and am now living here. the funny thing is last summer I got in contact via My Space (which I have but rarely ever use) with a girl I went to high school with. We hung out a bit back then but didn't know each other very well and now we have loads in common.

              the funny thing is that both our sons have the same first name. in Harrison... mine will be 5 in october and her Harrison is a year and a half... and both are named for the same town in a round about way... Her family has a tradition of Place names, and they decided to name him that after visiting a sporting goods fair that had a stand from Harrison Idaho.... drum roll please My Harrison is named after Harrison Idaho as well.. thats where my parents live. small world I guess... we get along great and visted Her and her family in California last April.

              er anyway.. sorry for going a bit waffely there.. hope you go and have a good time... you never know who you might meet and become friends with..
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                Originally posted by Emagggie View Post
                wear your best smile .
                D'ya know what, I couldnt agree more with that - I firmly, firmly believe its a persons energy and their attitude and expressions and animation and smile and all that kinda stuff that makes them attractive - not stereotypical "good looks"

                Hey, just cloak yourself in charisma and you'll have a wonderful time! Hope you really enjoy yourself

                Shaz x
                PS that SusieQ's lovely inside and out, dont let her tell you otherwise!
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                  Go and be proud of the woman you have grown to be..

                  everybody male and female will be worrying about how they have aged (those that havn't obviously don't get out much,lol).
                  So what if you have jiggly bits and a few natural highlights, as Gok Wan says
                  " love what you've got and, failing that, whack on some magic knickers and a pair of killer heels!"
                  Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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                    Thanks Beckyboo you did make me chuckle. I wish I was married to Gok Wan because when I put something on and ask does my bum look big in this or do I look ok - instead of a grunt I would get a good squeeze to push in the bits that need to be pushed in and a bit of an push to push the bit that need to be pushed up!!!
                    The Soap Fairy xx