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What can I get a 30 year old?

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  • What can I get a 30 year old?

    My friend is having a surprise party for her 30th at the end of the month.
    She has 5 brothers so can be a bit of a tomboy but at the same time she looks very feminine, likes to dress up and do her nails,Ive no idea what to get her as itl be the first present ive ever got her.
    Id like to avoid vouchers which is my usual prezzy when I dont know what to get someone.

    Any ideas.

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    What about making her some jewellery? I twould be a lovely personal present - even more so because you have made it for her. As it's her 30th you could do something special. Having never made jewellery though I have no idea how much it would cost.
    Incidently - how did that childs necklace you were making turn out - the one you were giving as a present?
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      Gave her the necklace, walked away, saw her dad looking a bit miffed, thought to myself 'I bet its broken' went back and it had broken!!
      I said sorry to the little girl and that Id fix it.Its sat here with me, all fixed.Il give it to her when I next see her.
      Luckily id bought her another present so she wasnt left empty handed.

      Id thought about making my friend, who happens to be the little girls mum, a item of jewelery but I think she is allergic to certain metals.

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        We went to a suprise 30th for my friend a few weeks ago, her mum planned everything to keep it a suprise including giving detailed instructions on where to park our cars so my friend didn't see them and get suspicious. When we saw my friend and her boyfriend arrive we all hid - accept for another friend's little 5yr-old girl who slipped out, sat on the driveway waving and said 'hello we're having a suprise party' as my friend got out of the car!

        As for a present we went will the highly original bottle of champagne but I think making your friend a necklace is a great idea.
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