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Anyone know much about ty Beanies

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  • Anyone know much about ty Beanies

    I was giving one sometime ago (never been into them) and my friend said when it 1st came out it was hard to get hold of. I don't want it anymore and looking into selling it as with a few others i have who knows where they all came from but i done know what to ask for them any one in the know about them i don't think its worth anything at all now but done want to ask £5.00 for it if im not going to get that much. The one im taking about is Smooch date of birth February 2000. Any sites i could look on to see if any of the ones i do have are worth anything which i don't think they are but might be worth a look

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    I would say look on ebay both uk and the us site and see the completed items section for the ones you have to see what they have sold for. This gives a better idea than the for sale section. Some of them are rarer in the US than the UK.



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      I agree... try eBay and see if you can spot the one you have in completed listings.

      My daughter used to collect these bears a few years back and it would be good if she made some money one day in the future (rather than collecting dust!)


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        thanks both of you but i must say i do always look on ebay before anywhere else lol not found some of the ones i have on there

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          I would also try just googling the name and code off the label if there is one as you might find some obscure site where they buy and sell them or someone wanting the one you have.



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            Did you manage to find any information on these?

            I know there used to be a shop in Glasgow who bought and sold "retired" TY beanies, as well as the new ranges... if you're still looking for info then let me know and I'll see if I can find out their contact details for you.


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              Oh I used to love them! Some of the rarer ones must be worth a bit now. Dont think mine will be worth any, as my mum made me take the labels off in case the babies ever got them!
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                one of my daughters used to collect ty bears and has a collection of them in my loft she was talking about selling them but hasnt done anything about i yet. she also hs a collection of winninie the pooh and a paddington bear and 1 steiff winnie the pooh which cost me a lot of money years ago.
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                  ok, I googled 'ty beanies, smooch feb 2000' and came up with this lot


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                    I'm really just a kid at heart, I have quite a few collectable collections of soft toys and ornaments, including:

                    Me to You

                    Elliot and Buttons

                    Winnie the Pooh & friends

                    TY beanie babies

                    Myth and Magic

                    Cherished Teddies

                    Maybe it's time for me to grow up?! But where's the fun in that