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  • Thank you all...


    This is to all the lovely people who sent me kind words when I was struggling with the decision to have my gorgeous boy cat, Digby put to sleep a few weeks ago when he got really poorly. You really helped me to come to terms with what I knew I had to do. Dig was a rescue cat and I can at least feel happy that I gave him a second chance and the life he deserved.

    With this in mind I decided to adopt another cat from the rescue centre....then I decided to get her sister too! I'd like to introduce

    Poppy -

    and Mollie -

    and this is the girls approving the flyer for Truly craft fair!!!

    Thank you again to everyone for your lovely messages.
    Love LittleGems x

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    oh my goodness, what a coincidence - my two could be your 'girls' brothers lol



    I'm truly sorry to hear about your Digby, but you probably know in your heart you did the right thing. Your two new 'girls' are beautiful

    A mind is like a only functions when open


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      Oh wow, they really could! Ha ha, I bet the girls would love those radiator beds too, I might have to get some of those! Although at the moment they're more interested in tearing round the house at 100mph and skidding accross the wooden floor in the hall!

      Thanks Pagan!
      Love LittleGems x


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        rofl - you should see our house sometimes, we've also got two border collies

        A mind is like a only functions when open


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          indeed! I can image it can be!!! Oscar and Kai are gorgeous by the way!
          Love LittleGems x


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            Sorry to hear about your cat Digby. We had to say goodbye to our male cat in February in similar circumstances. I am glad that you decided to give your girls a lovely home, as we still had our cat's sister at home to cuddle and it helped a lot with the loss. I didn't mention their names I just realised as it was a bit confusing.......we have Oscar the female cat and the one we lost was Gabby ( they were incorrectly sexed as kittens).
            Good luck with the craft fair.
            Best Wishes,


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              your new cats are gorgeous i have 3 cats and 1 siberian husky cats are 14 and two are 13 and dog is 2and a cats are called fluffy ginger and polly. dog is called sapphire because she has piercing blue eyes.the dog would like to chase the cats but they dont run they just rub there self on her , this is because they use to sleep with our last dog who we lost 2and a half years ago.loosing a pet is like loosing a member of your family but unlike a member of your family a replacement can help heal the grief.
              Jan xx



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                Ahh your cats are so cute. I am so jealous - I love cats but am allergic to them so never going to be able to have one..


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                  Adorable cats, its so great to be able to rescue them and know they will have a great life with you. My two are both rescue cats, one British Blue and one Siamese Tabby, both getting on a little bit now but still gorgeous, Selina


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                    Aw, what lovely news, I'm so pleased for you all

                    Your girls are gorgeous and very fortunate to have been taken in by such a loving new mum. They'll bring joy to your heart and plenty of smiles to your face and I'm sure your beloved Digby lad is often around and happy to share his home with them

                    Happier times ahead will make the memories all the sweeter

                    Shaz x
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                    & Rossendale Ramblings!

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                      Your 2 new cats are lovely - they look like real characters

                      Sorry to hear about your old cat, it's never an easy decision to make is it?

                      I love cats, but only have the 1 myself, plus a dog as well, but I always think a cat makes a home seem more complete.

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                        How sad to read of your dilema of Digby. I think we know when the time has come though it isn't easy, but it's usually right.
                        Nice to see the new gals. My two, Ella and Elizabeth also look like yours, but they don't particularly like each other! Molly is a collie in our house and she tolerates all and sundry.
                        May you have much fun with your new poosies.