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  • Going on an adventure

    Hi everyone,

    So as some of you may know from my earlier posts i am just finished uni, I am really not sure what i want to do with life....but i do know it involves crafts and lots of it!

    I am thinking of going on adventure round the world (or at least some of it) I want to learn different techniques, get inspirations and really open my mind again, as i feel i was working to finsh my degree and not working towards something that was making me happy.

    My question to you all is.....

    Is there somewhere you have been or seen that has really knocked your socks of and make you sit up and look. I want to find places of the beatn track that are a little different. This normally comes through fault or word and mouth and i would be sooooo happy if you could share your experiences with me and maybe give me some tips for my trip.

    thank you all, i look forward to the posts back

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    I found this website, its helped me get an idea of places i may want to visit.

    I just thought i would share it with you incase anyone else is going on an adventure


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      Missed your original post, you lucky lucky thing going travelling I'm very jealous as I'd love to do something like that - I even mentioned half-seriously to hubby that we should sell Natty Netty and go travelling for a year.

      Are you going alone or with someone else as I do think that can influence where to go with safety and all that? We've been on holidays to India and Sri Lanka and loved both places, would definitely recommend those. A friend who went travelling said her favourite place she visited was China. I love East Europe and we've been to Poland and the Czech Rep both were fab (we avoided the really touristy places) and one day I'd like to visit the former USSR states.

      When I finished uni I went to the USA for a month without a plan - just visited the local bus station every few days to see where the next overnight Greyhound bus was heading and went there - found some lovely places I'd never heard of before and it was pretty risk free travelling as far as travelling alone goes.

      A good website I found was for getting the lowdown on countries and where to visit.

      Good luck and let us all know where you decide on going...I want all the details so I can get jealous all over again
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        Thank You!

        OOOOO sounds like you have been on some exciting adventures yourself! I am going with my boyfriend, he is not so much in to the craft side of things but he is very into photography.

        Will keep you posted with my plans....and thank you again for your post!


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          places to visit

          I can vouch for Oz, was there last year & been before & Sri Lanka was fab. People in both places great. Hope this may help. One of my pupils went to Thailand earlier this year & said it was nice but a bit overated, but I don't know as I haven't been. Good luck with looking at the places though.
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            I never travelled when I was young (apart from the usual package hols to the Costa's with the girls . . . . memories, light the corners of my mind......).

            But when I grow up I'm gonna be a gypsy!!!

            Seriously, when the kids have flown the nest DH and me plan to sell up, buy a tourer and travel. Figure we'd have enough money to last a few years, maybe do a few craft fairs along the way and basically spend the kids inheritance, growing old disgracefully.

            Hubby would do it tomorrow (I say its "cos ee's 'ard!) but I'm still a bit of a home bird so couldn't even contemplate it till the kids are self-sufficient. But one day ..............

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              Very Cool

              Wot an amazing way to spend later life! Sounds very cool, im sure your kids would be more than happy for you to set of in to the sunset wif Hubby!

              I hope you will still pop on the internet every so often to let us know of the things you have seen and done!


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                I loved Cuba. I went many years ago long before it got commercial. The people were fantastic. All colours and creeds living together in harmony, best friends were all types. Poverty was national. Homes very very basic. No made up roads, no busses, just a lift on an army lorry. Mosquitos rife. But I loved every minute of it.
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                  If you want something off the beaten track I thought Madagascar was fab (that's why I named myself on this forum after the largest surviving lemur species!). There'd be plenty for your other half to photograph to as the wildlife is pretty much endemic (getting on for 90% of it only lives there).

                  Namibia has plenty to see and do - desert landscapes, wildlife and remote tribes.

                  India was fun too - we just went tiger watching, and had a fantastic time - but we were really lucky in our tiger sightings (we had about 7 sightings on our 5 trips to Ranthambhore which is a bit unheard of!).

                  Canada, although not off the beaten track is a wonderful country. Slovenia has lovely scenery and walking and culture and is not so often visited by us Brits, that was a fab holiday!

                  You've got me started on thinking where I've been now!!! There are too many places to list and there are more amzing places I'd love to see (Costa Rica, Chile, Galapagos, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo.....)
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                    I know quite a few people who have been to vietnam and cambodia recently and said it was incredible. Still off the beaten track but absolutely stunning.

                    Earlier this year I spent 2 months in Australia (bit more conventional!) and it was good fun - although I would try and avoid the more touristy places and try and get off the beaten track - I didnt make it to the Kimberley but it looks stunning and Im disappointed I couldnt fit it all in.