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    I went shopping twice in town a couple of weeks ago and could not find anything I liked - I am sure you now the feeling! So I went ebay shopping instead. Found exactly (well, very close!) the shoes I was after and ended up with 4 t-shirts, 1 zip up top, another pairs of shoes and 1 combat trousers! Not all on the same day though! I got one of these sport tops with the year on and this one I had to have, it had my year on it (somewhere in the seventies )! Only £80 spent for all that, mind! Most of it is brand new too. Quite pleased with myself
    The choice of t-shirts beats the High Street, I think.
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    I love Ebay! Don't like the fees but it's a great place to get everything you've ever wanted. x


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      I LOVE EBAY!!! It is great! but like some have said, the fee's are sumtimes a bit expensive!

      Well done on ur finds!


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        Ebay can be fantastic for clothes shopping - you can pick up some really lovely things at great prices.

        It can be good for books sometimes too. There was a paperback I was after a while ago, an old one and I couldn't find it anywhere. I searched ebay and won it on an auction for 1p!! It was an old bashed up copy, but I was so pleased, as long as it was readable!


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          Gawd don't say Ebay I'm an addict lol Have you ever checked out Ebid ? Its like Ebay but smaller and tends to be more Buy it Now than auction but you can get some good bargains. It's also way cheaper to list - technically free if you don't have a Gallery picture I have an account there but not listed for ages as I have been focussin on my online store but I just found out they produced a mod for Zencart which can export your shop listings to Ebid so may check it out
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            Sorry to sound a bit dim, but what is a "mod" and what is "Zencart"
            I have a shop on Ebid, but not had any luck as yet.
            I cannot believe it has been going since 1999.

            The thing is that it is very cheap and the customer service is great.
            But no sales??

            Hope it picks up at some point!!




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              I have a shop on ebid that sells beads and findings ( my user name is ohhpretty ), I think I've been there about 7 months and sure it's not had the buyers that ebay had, ( i was on there as well for about 4 years till I moved because I didnt agree with all the changes ).
              I have had 26 sales so far..
              Ebid requires more work than ebay , you need to attract buyers rather than list and wait but the plus side is free listings or nominal amouts for listing plus the forums are far friendlier.
              There are loads of bargains on ebid if you look and you can be sure you are treated as a valued customer not as an inconvience
              But it does seem to be picking up , lots of sellers from ebay have or are in the process of moving over.
              Have a look you may find somthing you like
              Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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