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  • Complaining -what's the point?

    I've spent most of the day moaning at BT and writing complaint letters but I'm wondering what the point of complaining is? Has complaining about a product ever got you anywhere?- I'll start my list off-

    Complaint- Virgin taking away channels so threatened to leave
    Result- Full channels for the basic package cost

    Complaint - Manweb messing up Change of address
    Result- A bag of energy saving lightbulbs

    ....i'm sure there's more...anyone else?
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    only one strawberry in a tin ~ a £2.00 voucher

    pampers nappies caused huge rash on Edens newborn bottom ~ initiallly a £10.00 voucher for another packet WHAT? Complained again and was sent a £50.00 cheque.

    N Power took a payment from my bank and then waited and ignored 4 letters and numerous phone calls ~ £money back plus £50
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      got over charged for a exercise stepper in tescos full refund and the item free it used to be there policy think it still is
      Jan xx


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        Brought sofa from Argos - delivery men unable to get it through porch door and left in front garden - husband knew better and determined to get it through porch door - stuck half way with a big rip down back. Took off door and went through fine - brand new sofa with large rip.

        My point - phoned Argos - lied slightly saying delivery men left we took off door and sofa got caught on a nail. Brand new spanking sofa delivered - door left off!!
        The Soap Fairy xx


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          B.T. a recuring nightmare of mine. Had a business line which was usually about £25 per month, paid by DD. then they took £1200 out of my account! When I complained I was told they would credit my account, I said no way, 9 weeks and 28 hours on the phone to them and I got my money back, no apoligy nothing in compo. I wish anyone luck if they have a problem with the ....................I will now not even look at anything they offer.


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            Omg!... I'm going to be keeping an eye on my account, I thought it was bad when they took £120 in error!
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              Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
              pampers nappies caused huge rash on Edens newborn bottom ~ initiallly a £10.00 voucher for another packet WHAT? Complained again and was sent a £50.00 cheque.
              lol - omg - what ever next!
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                Don't forget to challenge your bank charges. I threatened to swap banks after complaining about ridiculous levels of overdraft charges. 'As a gesture of goodwill Madam, we won't charge you this time'. That you very much!

                Also, free fruit basket in hotel after accidental wake up call at 4.30am!
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                  Yeah I got a box of choccies after a very early hotel wake-up call I hadn't ordered. Also was sent a renewal quote for Tesco car insurance and when I checked by putting all my details onto their online website the quote was about £65 cheaper. Rang them up and asked them to match the online quote or I go elsewhere, guess what? Yes they matched it.


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                    Sky intallation by a contractor who left the phone unplugged - complained about his attitude to Sky and got a month's subscription free. (I only noticed the phone wasn't working after two hours he'd gone when I wanted to use the internet!)

                    Also problem with sofa, the delivery men left three big scratches on our brand new flooring. Insurance tried to argue that we didn't write it down on the delivery note but eventually got the floor changed. Needless to say we had to change insurers at renewal date as it went up.
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                      Next - was over charged for a top, wrote an email to find out about a refund, in the meantime took it back to get a refund of the amount over charged, the assistant was less than friendly and didn't apologise. Next customer services then phoned to apologise and sent £20 voucher - result - also the shop assistant was going to get a telling off.

                      BT - failed to charge us an amount for six months before hand, when we changed to paperless billing we didn't get the bill so they charged us an late payment charge - we complained they've waived the charge.

                      Adsa - charged for one extra item when we bought a number of the same. Went to customer services for a refund and they gave us a credit note for £1 and the refund.

                      MFI - very long story, but was let down several times on a delivery date, with a lot of effort and a letter to the Financial director of MFI! I received a full refund of the item and a cheque for £50 compensation. Will never shop there again though. Customer service was appaulling.

                      I could go on, I never have a problem with complaining.


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                        I love this thread because it has just saved me a whole load of money! Just got my renewal notice for insuring my dog, with a premium jump from £18.67 to a massive £27.85 per lunar month. So I have rung them and asked them to justify an increase of nearly 50% and after some waffling i was offered the same terms and conditions for £20.50!! Net result happiness with a yearly saving of nearly £100. More beads.......


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                          we got cut off the net cause kingston took a direct debit out early and the bank charged us for it
                          they did sort it cause its ther mistake and they refunded the money today
                          and but us back on the net lol
                          Love Chaze2k7 xx


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                            Don't forget to be nice to companies that offer you good service too - I wrote to a company while I was at Uni (can't remember which one) and they were so pleased they sent me some vouchers - about £20 I think. Matt is arguing with British Airways at the moment - now he is a man to have when you get crap customer service as he knows exactly what to say and he writes everything down so he knows exactly what has been said etc.
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