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I feel like such an idiot

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  • I feel like such an idiot

    I went for a job interview today, for a job at the zoo taking pictures of people feeding the birds, where i then have to sell them to them.

    I really need a job. Part time would be fine. But i am finding it so difficult to find one. I am not a good talker. I want a job that i can fade into the background and get on with my work. This job was so not for me and the instant i got there i could tell. They were looking for bubbly, happy talkative people who would be able to sell people something they dont want. Hell if it were me i wouldnt want to buy a photo i didnt ask to be taken. I only went for it as it was at the Zoo and involved photography.

    The interview lasted 10 mins if that and it got left with them saying they would call me. But i doubt that il get it. Im stuck now! I trawl the net everyday and have sent out CVs but nothing!!
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    I was in the same position, looking for a part time job, but I did manage to find one and its perfect.
    I'm a visual merchandiser for a jewellery company who supply different shops. They usually have jobs available all over the country.
    Search on the job centre website for 'retail merchandising assistant'.
    Thats if your interested in something like that?

    Keep searching, you'll find one.
    Sarah x

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      I think you're relly brave goning for the interview, in the first place. To be honest, I can't stand the bubbly, OTT sales people, my defenses go up as soon as they approach me. I much prefer someone quieter, who I can talk to and I'm much more likely to buy from them .
      Whatever happens, I hope you find a job soon.

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        I feel like such an idiot

        How dreadful for you - but don't be too depressed, you would not have been happy there. Just remember that you can now spend more time talking to people like us like you in a craft forum and about things you enjoy.
        I'm sure something will come along.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          Don't feel like an idiot. Just use it as an experience, the more job interviews you go to, the more relaxed you will be

          I have been sent for jobs by recruitment agencies that I am not qualified for. Luckily in one of them, the people were really nice and we discussed the fact that I was not qualified and they would love to give me a job..... but they didn't have one available to suit my qualifications.


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            Ahh, don't feel bad. You never know what's around the next corner!

            I needed a part-time job to supplement my income from my crafts business (I think a few of us are struggling at the moment!). I was having no luck online. My sister called at a client's shop on her way home from work last Thursday, saw an ad in the window and called me. I phoned straightaway, had an interview on Friday afternoon and started work yesterday! 15 hours a week making afternoon deliveries and still loads of time for crafting

            I'm sure something will turn up soon.
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              knitnstitchsue - that sort of job sounds fab! Just what i would love. What do you deliver?
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                Well done Handcrafted for having an interview.Ive handed in my Cv to a number of places and havnt even got that far.
                Im not too bubbly either and would much rather blend in like you.Hopefully we will both find jobs we like soon.Good luck.


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                  Erk - sounds like a 'orrible job anyway so you're well out of it ! Keep your chin up and keep searching as I'm sure something will turn up and remember its really the employer who should be grateful to have you - not the other way round!


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                    dont worry you wont look like an idiot and you would hate the job. the first job interview i went for when i left college was an office typist as id done typing at school i thought it would be great. i learnt to type on old manual typewritters and was asked to do a typing test which i thought was fine as i was quite fast, then led me to the typewritter it was electric id never used one and after 5 minutes of typing whole rows of one letter i asked to leave i was mortified they did try and get me to stay and finish but i was too embarresed.needless to say i never went for a typing job again not that i think i was ever cut out to work in an office anyway. im sure a job will come up soon when you least expect it ,good luck with your job hunt and dont be down hearted.
                    Jan xx



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                      Another Non Bubbly Person


                      Just keep on trying and I am sure something good will turn up for you. I know just what its like to be a non bubbly person Ive been like that all my life. Don't let it get you down though. Keep smiling, chin up and best of luck.



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                        A couple of my friends have found themselves in the same position and have signed on with an agency. Both have found permanent jobs after about 8 months.