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  • Hay Fever Sufferers in Here!

    I`m really fed up! I haven`t had H/F this bad in years!! I can`t sleep cos I can`t breathe, I can`t see to sew the beads on some embroidery I`m doing cos my eyes are swollen and I can`t concentrate cos I need to sleep! I`m taking loads of prescription meds but it really is getting me down this year.

    I`m seriously behind on my work all because of those tiny little grains of pollen!

    Why is it so bad this year?? Is it because it`s been windy??????

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    mines been worse this year too, i do find beconase helps the most, it made my eyes a lot less itchy. also, i've given up on piriton tabs etc, and am now taking a herbal one called 'new age' (i got them from boots), my mum reminded me i had it bad as a child and she used to give me the herbal ones. can't believe the same ones were still available, was more that 20 years ago when i took them last, but they do seem to be helping.
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      hayfever cure....tried and tested!

      couldn't help but notice there were comments about the dreaded hayfever..

      A tried and tested cure (I used to suffer but no more)

      Find a local honey...usually can be gained from a local health foodshop or similar...not holland and barrat style, but a real down and dirty local

      Take one teaspoonful every morning and every evening...if very bad, then at lunch also..

      The local pollen is causing your hayfever, therefore eating local honey made from it, helps your body to build up a resistance to voila!...happy bunnies

      Enjoy and hope you all feel better soon....


      PS Usually takes a week to kick in sometimes much less...
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        I feel a bit of a fraud coming into your hayfever post, because (touch wood) I haven't had it bad for the past 2 years. I ocassionaly get very itchy eyes and a bout of sneezing, but certainly not anything I can't cope with. I've also noticed that we haven't got many yellow rape fields round here which always used to make me worse.

        So whilst I've been lucky and escaped it, I can at least empathise.

        I also agree that Beconase is good, especially the stuff you spray. I could never take piriton because it would make me too drowsy.

        Have you tried using the cold-remedy stuff by Vicks "Sinex" at night-time?
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          I haven`t tried beconaise but I shall pop out tonight and get some. Thankyou for the tip....I feel better already!

          I like the honey idea tip too! Yum...... Actually it is strange but I used eat honey regularly then stopped last year because there didn`t seem to be any nice honey around

          I can honestly say I`ve never had hayfever like this before, lots of people are saying the same this year though. I`ve been to the doc this afternoon for more drugs (!) he said, keep your windows closed, don`t hang your laundry out to dry incase pollen grains lodge themselves in your clothes and don`t go out between 3pm and 5pm as this is when the pollen count is at it`s highest. As all Mummies and anyone with an ounce of common sense will realise this isn`t easily possible!

          My friend who I was embroidering a wedding bodice came to collect the work this afternoon. I was supposed to have it done for Saturday. She thought I was being wet when I said I was ill with H/F until she saw the state of me today!!!!


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            A neti pot can help as well. You fill with salt water and rinse out your nasal passages (yuck I know but it does help!). I've also heard the local honey thing can help too.


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              Ah me too!!

              I didn't have it at all whilst pregnant with Samuel as I was totally petrified in case I had to take something which would not agree with t'baby. Then not having hay fever lasted until I had Jacob exactly 2 years later. And also last year and the summer before.

              But now - oh no!!!

              Should I have another baby???!!!


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                Originally posted by Tip Top View Post
                Ah me too!!

                I didn't have it at all whilst pregnant with Samuel as I was totally petrified in case I had to take something which would not agree with t'baby. Then not having hay fever lasted until I had Jacob exactly 2 years later. And also last year and the summer before.

                But now - oh no!!!

                Should I have another baby???!!!
                That`s a bit of a drastic H/F remedy....but given how I feel today........can you get a refund if the remedy doesn`t work

                Miserable in' it??

                It was always tree pollen which got me but it seems to be everything pollen this year.


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                  Myself and my son are the only sufferers in our house but boy do we suffer. Both of us on prescription tablets Telfast 180mgm and a nasal spray. We've been taking the tablets since late April and will continue until end of summer. We get some bad days, with very itchy eyes and nasal congestion but overall much better than previous years,

                  Don't suffer, if you don't get relieve from over the counter remedies go to your Doctor, it's the best thing we've ever done and have been on Telfast now for 5 years.


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                    i have lost the will to live with my hayfever if you know what i mean this past two years have been my worst ever and nothing i try seems to help and some of the tablets have upset my IBS so now i don't know whether i'm comming or going
                    while i knit i think




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                      my son suffers from hayfever - he takes Loratadine for it and it seems to help. Although, so saying, he seems to be suffering more this year than ever before

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                        just popping in to recommend nelsons polleanna (I think that's it - maybe Pollena?) it's a homeopathic remedy and I fin dit BRILLIANt. My hayfever flared up something awful this year and i had a miserable few days trying evcery remedy under the sun til I stumbled upon this one

                        good luck - is really miserable



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                          I've not tried this one myself, (I do get hayfever, but only mildly, so I've never tried any remedy) but I've heard that Twinings Lemon and Ginger tea can help. As strong as you can, a cup several times a day.
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                            PLEASE PLEASE do not use Sinex or equivalent sprays to treat hayfever. I know it seems like a great solution (they work fantastically to clear a blocked nose in seconds) but they are not meant for long term use or even for more than 2 or 3 days at most.
                            Sprays like sinex cause what is known as rebound congestion, where the spray works initially but as it wears off it actually causes the blood vessels in the nasal membrane to swell up to compensate, and you end up with even more congestion than you would have had before, so you take another shot to compensate and so on and so on it goes until the spray doesn't last as long and you need more and more sprays to get the same effect.
                            There are so many sites devoted to nasal spray 'addiction' ( it's not an addiction in the true sense of the word but it IS addicting if you want to be able to breathe through your nose!). It can be VERY hard to get off the sprays if you over use them, and over use of Sinex or Otrivine (or anything with the active ingredient oxymetazoline HCL) will damage your nose if used more than a few days.

                            The reason I know about this is because I feel into the pitfall myself when trying to get relief from allergy related blocked nose. The sprays are FAB....too fab.......seriously, these nasal sprays should not in my opinion be available without a prescription, I feel that strongly about it, it is so easy to fall into using them for the wrong reason. Just google nasal spray addiction and you will see what I mean. It took me a long time to get my nose working again without them and the withdrawal is not easy.

                            I also suffer from (mild) hay fever and sinus problems and I use the NeilMed sinus rinse stuff with the plastic squeeze bottle and little packets of sinus rinse powder that you mix up in the bottle to rinse out your sinuses. It's a bit weird the first few times, but you get used to it and rinsing your sinuses is a proven and safe way of combatting allergies and sinus problems.
                            Also, I use oral decongestants (sudaphed - the behind the counter one containing pseudophedrine hcl) - not the one on the's useless and has been proven in clinical trials to be no better than a placebo. Ask for the one behind the counter, I think they really work to unblock your nose. You can get them in 12 hour or 24 hour varieties, but beware, the stronger you get, the more likely it is that it will affect your sleep, as the active ingredient is a stimulant similar to 'speed' or methamphetamine (which is why you can no longer buy it on the shelf).

                            You can always take a benadryl or another antihistamine to counteract the 'hyperness' of the sudaphed, because antihistamines have a known sleep inducing or soporific effect (not ones that state non-drowsy of course!).

                            Not sure if you've tried it, but there was an advert recently about a new device that you use for hayfever - think it was from lloyds or boots - looked like a double pronged electric device thingy (sorry) that you stick up your nose for a few minutes a day - not sure exactly what it does or how it works, will have to do more research.

                            Hope you get some relief because I KNOW how miserable it is.
                            EDITED TO ADD - this obviously does not apply to STEROID sprays like Beconase or other steroids prescribed by a doctor - they work completely differently to Sinex and are for different problems, but even over-use of these can cause problems, but are fine for hayfever if used appropriately.

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