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Acheiving wavy hair

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  • Acheiving wavy hair

    Im a few decades behind on beauty stuff but last night Ithought Id do something with my hair.
    I washed it then separated it into bits, twisted it then coiled it up and kirby gripped it to my head and slept on it like that.
    Still not dry in the morning but after a few major adjustments to horribly sticky up/out bits it looks quite nice, softly wavy.

    Has anybody else tried this or know of a better way?

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    In the OLD days before rollers, so my mother tells me (I'm not that old!), they used to rag your hair which is get some old strips of rags and roll your hair up in an them and tie at the top. Sleep in them and next day you are a regular Shirly Temple!

    The modern technique (as my teen daughters use) is to use straighteners YES straighteners to curl your hair by twisting as you go down the hair. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. The results look stunning, gentle natural looking curls.

    Edited to add. I used to put my hair in about 8 plaits when damp and sleep in them. Next morning lots of pre raphelite waves.

    Have Fun!


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      Ahh, pre raphelite curls sound gorgeous.

      My hairs layered so I dont think it would curl properly round a straightener.

      My friend puts her hair in rags, less Shirly Temple, more Bette Davis in that Baby Jane film.

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        After the plaiting technique came the crimper. I had to send away to France for them because they weren't heard of in the UK back then. I got so many comments as no one had seen that look.
        They varied between. Hope you don't mind me asking but I love your hair, how did you do it?
        All right love did you get your finger stuck in an electric socket!


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          Can I assume the socket comment was from a guy?

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            Of course !