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  • Highland Show Today

    I went to the Highland show today near Edinburgh. I love the horsey section and of course the crafts section! I bought some horsey stuff for my new loan horse that i am getting tomorrow .

    At the craft section i saw some lovely tables. They were scored with a hot poker to make pictures and wood dye was used to colour the pics. Mainly of animals like foxes. I would love to do something like that. I also want to have a go at making some stuff out of drift wood but i have no idea where to get it.
    There were lots of jewellery stalls. All different though. Some were charging a fortune for stuff i well know takes no time at all to make! Guess if you have a stall at hte Highland show you are entitled to charge lots lol. People will pay it.
    I was shown a demonstration how to make glass beads. It was amazing!! He used a gas flame thing (sorry lol) and with a lot of skill turned this heated glass here and there and came out with this glass cane and then made a bead.
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