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When was Friday 13th ??????

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  • When was Friday 13th ??????

    Firstly I must say I am a very clean and tidy person ( think of Monica off Friends, I'm not that bad but you're on the right track ). Anyway my multi-talented hubby comes home at 3pm today all tooled up with brushes and says he s going to clean our chimney. I am really busy getting an order ready to send out and just replied 'ok' 'dont make a mess cos I've cleaned all through this morning'. At 4.30 I decided to go and have a look why the carept cleaner was being used and low and behold our two month old beige carpet is now BLACK. I was very composed and asked what had hapened and was infomred 'there had been a soot fall'!!!!!. I calmly informed my hubby that he has lost all his brownie points and went back to my work room. I have now been handed a glass of white wine and have been promised a dominoes pizza for supper - every cloud has a silver lining.
    Could someone please confirm that Friday 13th was last week and not today.
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    Yep, Friday 13th was last week, sorry about your carpet , I think you showed incredible restraint!!

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      yep definately last friday although what with brakes needing replacing mot monday and various other things that need cash my hubby phoned me up from his fishing trip to inform he had broke his glasses frames i was not impressed and told him to buy some superglue as we dont get paid till next friday id like a month when a big bill or something thats going to cost us lots happens sorry about your carpet hope it comes up all right
      Jan xx


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        been and gone

        yep the 13th has been and gone. Well done for keeping calm.
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          I'm amazed you stayed so calm!!!! I'd have been hopping

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            I'm amazed that he only lost his brownie points - my hubby would have lost things that were a lot more painful!!!

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              mmmm, I had a similar experience (albeit not so costly) last night

              The potatoes I was cooking had literally 10 minutes left to cook, but I had to rush out (consultation with bride to be!), so I told OH to remember to take them out, I told him at least 5 times, he promised me he wouldn't forget...... cue 25 minutes later a text message...... and coming home to a pile of black potatoes!

              What is it with the men in our lives, were they sent here to test/annoy us? MUSHY ALERT - burnt potatoes or not, i'll keep him!


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                Friday the thirteenth was the day my boiler had a tantrum and decided to go on strike after being serviced so recently. Thankfully the chaps came and had a look at it yesterday. Alls working ok so far...
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