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  • Am I doing the right thing?

    I'm so so sad. My beautiful cat is very poorly. He has been suffering with heart desease (amongst other ilnesses) for a few months, and now he's stopped eating. Without food I can't get his medication in him, and without meds, he doesn't want to eat. The vet has advised me that we have probably run out of ways, after weeks of trying, to make him better.
    In my heart I think that now he is getting unhappy and think that letting him go peacefully is the right thing. But then every now and then I get a glimmer of a happy cat, that just wants a cuddle. How do you know when to make the decision? I wish I could ask him how he feels and if I'm doing the right thing. We've a vets appointment tomorrow...

    Sorry to be such a misery guys, I just know you're all so helpful and kind, I just wanted to know if you think I'm doing the right thing?

    Love LittleGems x

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    Poor you, this is such a difficult decision to make. I have two beautiful cats and a dog and so I know what you are feeling. Some four years ago one of my cats went missing for 12 days and I had given up on seeing him again. Then he turned up in such a sorry state, broken jaw, fur covered in tar and so very thin. I prepared myself for the worst as I knew I coulnt let him stay alive if he was suffering. Fortunately the vet performed miracles on him and he is still with us, a healthy and happy cat. Only you can make the final choice for your cat but I am sure that your vet will be honest with you as to whether it is right to keep your pet alive. I do hope that he/she will be able to give you good news. Good luck.


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      What a heartbreaking decision, I really feel for you. My cat is 19 and I dread the day when I have to say goodbye to her. I think you know, in your own heart, that you are doing the right thing. You can at least look back and know that the end was peaceful and without pain, or, suffering. To leave it any longer might mean that he starts to suffer and, I know, that's the last thing you would want. Sometimes, you just have to let go. My thought and prayers are with you.

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        It is the worst feeling in the world and an awful choice to make. Them not eating is a fair sign that they have given up as well.

        I always think they try so hard to plaese you and that's when you get the glimpse's of you happy cat.

        I stayed with mine when she got put to sleep and she was still purring as she closed her eyes. I honestly believe she was saying thankyou.

        What ever you decide my thoughts and love are with you. Not easy to do.

        Janice xxx


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          Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate your advice. I knew I could count on the forum to come up with some wise words. I've just got to do what's best for him.

          Thanks again
          Love LittleGems x


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            Rotten luck C - really awful decission to make - I have been through the same a few times....................C xx
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              im sure you will make the right decision for your cat even its not the one you want to make i have 3 cats used to have 4 luckily the decision on him was not in my hands we found him in his favorite spot sunbathing by our front door step he looked like hed just fell asleep we were lucky with our dog as she had a stroke and died in hubbys arms very sad but at least we didnt have to make a horrible decision my thoughts are with you
              Jan xx



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                I do sympathise with you. I agree with what rodeo lady said - if your pet has stopped eating its like they have decided that enough is enough. But its never easy.

                I'm not what you would call an animal lover however I do appreciate that they are part of your family. When I got married 3 years ago my hubby's dog came to live with us. He's a 16 year old heinz 57 (mostly labrador) but he's a very grumpy old man and quite frankly he stinks but he's been part of my hubby's life since he was a pup (the dog ) so he's now part of my life too. He's not in the best of health and we've talked about "when the time comes" and quite frankly I don't know which of us is dreading it the most. Its never easy saying goodbye to a loved one especially when they've been part of your life for so long.

                Whatever you decide my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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                  that's sad

                  very sorry to hear your sad news. As someone else mentioned if they're not eating perhaps it's time to let them go. Ask your vet for his or her honest opinion and go by what they advise. One of my girls ( Bracken, Irish Setter) seems to be going downhill at the moment and I keep thinking of the time ahead and people are asking me now when I'm out with my English Setter where Bracken is, it's all very sad. If you must have yours put to sleep it will be very upsetting but remember you are doing it for their good. I do hope all the messages you receive will give you some comfort. I'm thinking of you at this sad time. All us pet owners know how this feels. Linda. xxx
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                    I think you are making the right desicion. I know its hard - i've been there with my dog five years ago. I loved him like he was my baby and after a very serious illness and watching him deteriorate the vet said there was nothing they could do. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but deep down I knew it was for the best. We got very kind permission off our parish council to bury him in a small wooded area near our house where he used to love to play.
                    My thoughts are with you.
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                      It`s a really horrible situation to be in. My last woofer had the doggie equivalent of CJD, some days she couldn`t move, others she seemed OK. Again the vet said that she was beginning to suffer and it was time to say Goodbye. I went home to think about it, my dog was in so much pain that she began to growl and snarl at me. I knew it wasn`t her anymore so the decision was made for me.

                      Atleast we can relieve animals from their misery. It`s one of the most responsible and compassionate things an animal owner can do.


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                        On Wednesday i had to go with my OHs mum to the vet to put her cat to sleep. She was 17 years old and had a good long life. It was very very sad, but the best thing to do. She had stopped eating and was so skinny. She was on the way out anyway but was holding on to hte end.
                        So the kindest thing was to help her along to go peacfully so she could play iwth her sister in the sky.

                        We dont know exactly your cats situation. Its between yourself and the vet to decide but whatever you choose my heart is with you as its so very hard.
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                          It is a really hard decision to make, but you need to do the best thing for your cat. There is no point in him(her) struggling on if in pain and feeling sorry for itself.

                          Speak to the vet about it, they are usually animal lovers too and would do the best thing for your cat. if, in the vets opinion, the cat should be put down to stop the suffering, this would be the best thing to do. However, if your vets opinion is that the cat has potential to live a long life with treatment, do that.

                          I am sorry you have to make this decision, pets are our best friends and it's difficult

                          Keep smiling,



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                            Thanks for all our kind words. At 5.30pm yesterday Digby went into a long and peaceful sleep in my arms at the vets. I know Ive done the right thing as he'd started to suffer. Despite that, I still miss him like crazy and would love to see him come padding into the bedroom in the morning purring wildly for his breakfast.

                            Thanks again everyone.
                            Love LittleGems x


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                              sad news

                              Hi there, that's sad news but probably for the best. Try and remember them as they were not when they were old and ill. Take care, Linda
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