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And who says bright children are no bother?

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  • And who says bright children are no bother?

    Well until they start talking about things like this..

    That was a good tea time discussion!
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    Aah!!!! Little Emma!!!!!!! It must be such a lot to take in when you are that age!!!Sounds like she's got a lovely mum to be by her side through all the trials and tribulations of growing up so I'm sure she will be ok!!! Sue xx for Emma.


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      Poor Anya. It must be a truly confusing concept to grasp at 4. Daisy is 7 and I am still having trouble explaining all that to her! I gave up believing in Heaven (in the Christian sense) years ago but she's somehow grown up thinking that we literally float up to heaven to be with Jesus and his Dad (as she put it)! I also tried to talk about the separation of body and spirit but she just looked at me blankly and said "Mummy, do you actually know what you're talking about?"
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        when we've had these little chats (ha ha) at home i must say i always take the easy way out - tell them to ask diane (their sunday school teacher) and she will be able to tell them much better than i ever could, works every time and i'm the christian and my oh is the non-believer!
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          Hehehehe!! They are fab aren't they??!!

          We've sort of done the subject of dying as my cousin Mark very suddenly and tragically died months (10 actually!) before Samuel was born and he's always known Marcus (Mark's son) but wondered where his Daddy was, so we've explained that. And I think he understood.

          Plus both boys are at nursery on a hospital site so they know about ambulances and dying too.

          And one of the nursery rabbits popped its clogs a while ago so nursery did a good job of telling the kids about it!


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            I've always explained dying to children with the use of a glove puppet.
            if your hand is in the glove puppet it can make the puppet "alive" it can then hug the child and hold their hand and dance with them, but when a person dies, it's like the hand being taken out of the puppet. It can't move or hug them anymore. The warm love a person has is no longer there and so the body has stopped working.
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