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A Woodpecker.

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  • A Woodpecker.

    I bought a bird feeder that suckers onto the window, so I placed it in prime view quite high in th ecentre of the patio door windows so I could see all the perdy birdies as they fed.

    Ive seen a squirrel do a mission impossible by jumping/climbing up to the handle then jumping ontop of the feeder, very impressive but he couldnt get any of the nuts out.

    Yesterday a woodpecker flew onto the feeder and procedded to peck with thunderus thuds.This was nice to see but made me think if it was an ideal situation.

    If you had a woodpecker pecking away at a feeder that was attatched to a big glass window, or would you shoo it away asap?

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    enjoy it, Woodpackers actually only bore into rotting types of wood that are soft and eroded by insects. I would imagine that any of the banging is just the bird feeder itself clattering on the glass.
    We used to have wild parrots and woodpeckers in our garden when we lived in London. Unfortunatly all we get up here in Yorkshire are the usual sparrows, black birds etc. I am very envious!
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      Aaahhh, its only happened once but it was pretty impressive to see it close up, usually its just blue/great tits.

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