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  • Ebay question

    My pal says I should sell my stuff on ebay which Im not against, I just dont know how to do it.

    How do I get pics from my email onto the ebay site?
    and what charges do ebay make for using it?

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    There are some pretty good tutorials on ebay, but I think you have to buy stuff before you can sell stuff...... I may be wrong on that one! I have only sold one thing on there, but bought loads.

    Also, it may be a good idea to list as "buy it now" or list a reserve price, silly me listed something for 99p then I was really stressed about it as I didn't want to actually sell it for 99p....

    There are loads of people on here that sell on ebay that will be able to give you better advice. Also, from what I have gleaned from here, etsy might be a better place to sell your stuff.


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      YOu need to have feedback of 10 before you can sell - so get buying!!

      I don't think ebay is for everyone - people want a bargain and won't pay what you want. Plus the downside is the fees - you get charged to list the item and then a final valuation fee when you sell (based on a percentage of how much it went for) then you have the paypal fees on top of that if they've paid this way......

      Or, you could make some cheaper items which you could test the water with before you decide if its for you.


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        Selling stuff on ebay is alot easier than the likes of Etsy as far as i'm concerned It'll guide you through adding pics...although it might be easier to save them to an easy to find file on your computer first.
        I don't think you do need to buy things first (although with all the rule changes that could be the case)... I think though, that people are a bit unsure about buying things from people with a feedback so buy a few supplies from there first maybe?
        It's reasonably cheap to list there at the it's 5p.
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          Thanks, il do more research.

          Luckily throughout the years Ive bought 60+ things from ebay.

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            I would have a look round the jewellery on ebay, see whats selling, how much for etc. From personal experience I prefer ebay to etsy. The market on ebay is more UK based, however many customers are not prepared to pay the right price for handmade items, but there will be people who are and they're the ones you want. They are out there.

            I agree with glasskanvas that loading photos from your pc is a easy way of doing things. You have a website so you can use the photos you have on there. Watch out for their half price or 5p listing days, they have plenty, usually on a thursday. I generally go for auction as opposed to Buy it Now because I feel people think they are getting a bargin. I never list at 99p though I also list on auction at the bottom price I'd like. I'd hate for one of my paintings to go for that amount.

            Give it a whirl, you never know, I often get commissions from listing my paintings, it is another way of getting your name out there.


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              I sell on ebay, i have 2 shops, one for my soaps and one that sells soap making things. I've had to cut down greatly on the soaps that i sell as i havent been selling as much as i used too and the fee's are stupid. Which is the main reason i'm finally setting up a proper website to sell them from.

              Listing fees are quite reasonable, Its between 10p and 15p atm unless you list on a cheaper day. FVF (Final valuation fees) on the other hand are more than they used to be. Its a percentage of however much the item sells for. If you put things on buy it now then it'll tell you how much you've been charged. I wouldnt put reservation fee's on things unless they are expensive as you get charged extra. I'd list things at what you want to sell them at, or a bit less to get people interested if its an auction. But what you have to remember and someone has already mentioned it, everyone on ebay expects a bargain. I do it myself when i'm buying things. I've been told umpteen times that i could charge alot more for my things, but i know that if i did then i wouldnt get any sales on ebay.

              I suggest doing a bit of research first. Watch other peoples auctions who are selling similar items. Look on completed listings to see how much things are actually going for. (that can be found by clicking advanced search next to the search box)