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  • OHs birthday

    Its my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years birthday on the 11th of June. I am quite skint as i have just finished uni and my student loan has dried up and i havnt got a job yet.

    I have no clue what to get my OH for his birthday that wont cost an arm and a leg! I am going to make him breakfast in bed with champagne and strawberries etc as he is off work for his birthday. But i want sometihng for him to open.

    He knows i am skint and suggested i paint him a picture. But i have been making jewellery more than paint these days and now dont think i have time to make him a good enough painting. He wouldnt appreciate jewellery, being all manly

    So what else can i make him? I can turn my hand to anything. Or what can you suggest that i buy for him that isnt too expensive.

    He likes his motorbike, works in computers and is more into techy stuff. Though he loved the handmade mirror i got him for christmas. It was surrounded by drift wood and slate.
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    Ok i have had an idea of putting loads of photos onto a canvas. I can either put them on myself or pay for someone to do it. Anyon know of a good website that does it?
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      you could make him a scrapbook with photos of all his favourite things places and people i made one for my sons 30th birthday he loved it i also made him a keyring and a card i had a couple of bottles of red wine laying about as hubby gets it for a xmas pressie and i dont do red so his pressies didnt really cost me any thing but stuff from my craft room
      Jan xx


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        It sounds like you are already giving him a lovely treat and you must be special to be so thoughtful. These are his birthstones as a Gemini.
        May 22 - June 22 - Air sign - Intelligent, fun loving, excitable, unpredictable. - Tuquoise, amber, agate, amethyst, carnelian, quartz.
        You could buy him a gemstone as cheap as 50p from your local crystal shop and it will last a lifetime.
        Chris W.
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