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Yay! Its Friday!

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  • Yay! Its Friday!

    Thank god its friday!!!

    Only seven hours to go until the weekend starts and I can get out of this office! YAY!

    This weekend I will be mostly...eating.

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    Ow I am with you on that although I finish at 2.30pm (cause I start at 7am!!) so my weekend starts a little bit earlier - having said that doesn't start until I finish the food shopping that I do on a Friday after work (ow I hate that if we didn't have to eat, keep clean and go to the loo I would be quids in!!!).



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      My weekends starting at 1pm - I decided to have a half day!! Spent the whole of yesterday having information overload trying to learn how to use a new microscope, so feel I need a break!
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        Only 5 1/2 hours to go!!

        and only 2 hours till lunchtime!

        And on sunday I am going to watch England Vs Barbarians rugby at twickenham! Woohoo so excited!


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          Originally posted by Clarey11 View Post

          and only 2 hours till lunchtime!
          Gosh, you sound like me, my days are organised around my next meal!

          I had to go to Edinburgh to see a site, so I went to Waitrose for my lunch and to grab a few bits n' bobs for my picnic tomorrow (£35 for one bag of shopping )

          I had the nicest wrap I have EVER had - mango chilli chicken with honey and soy dipping sauce.... it was absolutely fabulous!

          Bought some posh biccies for the office, I am sooooo popular this afternoon!

          Well, i s'pose I had better go do some work, countdown 1.5 hours until the end of the day


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            you are all v.luck people! I work saturday morning 8am till my weekend doesnt 'officialy' start until after then

            But i so love friday evenings...i'm sitting here typing away, drinking pernod & lemonade

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              I just cleaned the whole kitchen and have rewarded myself with a box of thorntons chocs! My wrists are killing! OH is working late and will be working most of the weekend as his office is moving.
              My sister and i are going to a food festival in Edinburgh on Saturday We've made a deal that she can get all my free booze, as i dont drink, as long as she gives me all of her chocolate lol.
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                I have to work 8.30 am to 3.00pm on Saturdays so I get a very short weekend. Probably won't sleep much on Sat night either as I have a craft fair at Leamington on Sun and I get really nervous beforehand! Actually I just remembered I'm finishing at 2pm tomorrow Selina


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                  YES! I have asked my boss if I can now go to 4 and half days a week so I can have time to do my jewellery. Now I will be finishingat 12.30 on fridays! Score.