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  • What do you do?

    Apologise if this has been done before but i was wondering what you all do for a living? Obviously we know crafts are your passion but what is your actualy job that you are doing to survive?

    I just completed my degree in Animal Biology. I did 2 years of vet nursing before that and i have just applied for a job at a local animal hospital. Fingers crossed i get it as i am in limbo at the moment lol. Still feel like i have essays to hand in and wake up during the night thinking i have forgotten to hand something in There are a serious lack of jobs to do with my degree and im not even sure i want to do anything with it! So il take any job i can.
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    hello and welcome hope you find a job you enjoy soon i dont work as i was retired of due to ill health so have plenty of time to craft and fortunately id paid into a pension so i get that and my other half works i dont sell my stuff as i couldnt handle the pressure of a deadline or the thought i had to do something so in that way i am lucky although i have made enough cards to open a card shop and stash them away i think i wouldnt need to make another for a few years the ammount i have ready made so thats why i like to try other crafts ive diverted into scrapbooking as i can use all the techniques i love to do
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      I'm an Occupational Therapist by trade....been working in mental health for way to long now. Fortunately i am senior enough to work part time and still have a reasonable income but all the bills are down to me and can't see me retiring any time soon. I still dream of making a living making my dolls....ah well!
      Good luck with the job hunting, hope it all goes well..



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        driving instructor

        Hi there, as the title says I'm a driving instructor and have been for the last 18 yrs. The nerves are totally shot, hair grey ( highlights work a treat though ) nails bitten to the quick ( a bit of a lie there) thats why I make cards.
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          Hi I am a paralegal and am training to qualify as a solicitor. I start my exams again in september but am not sure if I'll have time to do that and my jewellery.

          Tough decision as one is a necessity (pays the bills) and the other I just love! I've always wanted to be a solicitor but now I make my own jewellery I have lost all interest and just want to open a bead shop and live by the sea!

          OH is quite up for it but then gets his sensible hat on and backs out


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            I used to be a secondary school learning support assistant and then 4 years ago qualified as a maths teacher. I am currently not in work due to having a dodgy back and also moving next month!! I hope to be doing some learning support work next school year though.

            Most of my craft work gets sold at school fetes!


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              I used to be a primary school teacher up until my elder daughter was born (well I didn't teach for long really - only 2 years!) and now I craft and run Cuteable full time alongside being a stay at home mum to two little monkeys!
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                I'm a Sociel Enterprise Business Manager for a Charity... I encourage private enterprises to find a social element to their business to help their community (and obviously their business). My Art n Crafts is provided free (funded) to build community cohesion. I try to encourage groups ie knitting crochet painting etc.

                I also project manage the Childminding Agency funded to encourage people on benefit into work and education by the nature of flexible child care provision.

                If I ever did take it up as a business hmmm I would tie up the rights to local hospitals and do hand and foot imprints for newborns in the maternity wards - like the regular photographers that go around and then I'd like to franchise out worldwide... or something Anyone looking for a partnership!!!!
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                  I'm a hairdresser and I love my job! I was manager of a salon for 17 years and had REALLY had enough (far too long in one job!) especially when the bosses husband shows up saying you need to take more money, why is it quiet etc and then waltzes off and gets in his new BMW!! So me and another girl bought our own shop 2 and a half years ago and we are so busy its silly, wouldn't have it any other way and now employ 3 other stylists. Best thing I ever did. Also love my jewellery making though! Not enough hours in the day! Selina


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                    I have just started my own corsetry business from home (literally in the very first stages of it now) and have for the last 7 years worked along side my husband running our own garage/MOT station


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                      i have a wonderful job - i help to make bits for aeroplanes! it's very interesting and really like a great big jigsaw puzzle and working on the shop floor for 18 years i get to play with all sorts of nice things like drills and sheares and the like and i love to relax and knit which started as a hobby kniting handbags and now i could almost do it full time ~ after i left school i worked for the local vets and i would have loved to have went on done my vet nursing but the money wasn't great so after 4 years i had to move on and get a real job with better money so good luck with the job hunting
                      while i knit i think




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                        I trained as a secondary school teacher after Uni, but am now Mum by day and incy wincy crafter by night
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                          Hello and to the forum! This is an interesting thread , I like finding out what everyone does in 'real life'
                          I used to be an office manager but two years ago I was ill and ended up not going back. Shortly after that Funky Hand was born so..I suppose I am really lucky but my crafting is my job!
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                            I am an environmental scientist and have been for nearly 5 years now.

                            I spe******e in contaminated land just now, which is very interesting.

                            Basically I sit in an office all day and write reports and speak to people about technical stuff. I used to have to dig holes and take samples and then write reports on them, now there are other people to take my samples, yay, no hanging out in fields in the driving rain anymore for me!


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                              Graphic Designer

                              I love this thread it is great to be able to see the range of things people do for a living.

                              well I am a graphic designer don't quite know how I got to be a designer but it pays the wages and still allows me to be slightly artistic in my day to day work!

                              I think i am still looking for the right career... but as long as it is creative i will be happy !! maybe going back to being a florist.. humm?? decisions decisions?