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  • Gosh, I am bored

    Friday afternoons seem to take ages to get here these days. I am so bored (check out how many times I have logged onto the forum today!)

    I was almost very naughty and went shopping on the oasis website, I got as far as "confirm order" and chickened out! Lucky!

    I bought a pair of shoes, 2 dresses a lovely top and a couple of "beauty products" on Tuesday (for £30!) so I am not allowed any more clothes this week. My poor wardrobe is bursting at the seams, I have become obsessed with shoes lately and keep bidding on ebay.....

    Am I lusting after shoes due to the boredom?

    My concentration span is pathetic, I wish I could concentrate on my work for a couple of hours, all these deadlines no motivation!


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    Bless you! Perhaps it's the long weekend coming up that's making you more restless....or the sunnier weather...Or....the fact you have several jobs on the go that need completing!

    You need to pick one project and get stuck into it! I had some cross-stitch on plastic canvas snowmen I had on the go for 8 years!! I psyched my head up to complete them this Christmas it was a great achievement when I had done them and I wanted to do more!

    What shoes were you eyeing up??


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      Not checking out.

      Hi Pebbles,
      Sorry to hear you are feeling so listless, perhaps you need to do something you haven't tried before or have a good clear out of your wardrobe to make room for some new things.
      Chris W.
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        I frequently have the concentration of a goldfish. I overheard someone talking about me once asking a friend if I had a learning disability as I seem to struggle to grasp concepts and don`t listen ...........actually no....I just switched off EVERYTIME this person spoke to me as they spoke on a monotone with no changes of pitch or timbre in their voice. I immediately phase out with people like this. Try not to but I do!

        Discovered that drinking water helped me a lot! It turns out that even slight dehydration can cause you to drift and not be able to concentrate. Mind you the three glasses of the night before don`t help matters much!

        Not sure drinking water would help your shoe obsession though!!


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          Iv been rather bored all week! Iv been skint too until today when OH gave me his bank card and his mum and i went to Next i bought 3 tops for £30! Not too bad. Though i told him i only bought 2 and it came to £20....He'l find out soon enough when he gets his statment lol!
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            But what a great way of shopping...all the thrill of choosing, putting things into the basket and then not paying for them. Obviously you don't get the goods but the buzz....

            Well done for resisting.


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              I know what you mean, i have been like that for the past couple of evenings & no it's not cos the weekend is now here - i am working Sun & Mon , but just can't settle either.

              In fact hence not being on here for a few days!!!

              What about having a retail theropay day!!! I am off to Worthing tomorrow to their craft show and although i am on a budget i do have a good day out.

              Oh anyone else who is going may see you there.



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                You should sell your clothes you dont wear on ebay, wait till youve got £50 in your paypal account and buy some new clothes! Thats so much fun! And itll take a few hours to take all the pictures and stuff.
                I like to make things - usually a mess!
                Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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                  i also have a shoe obsession i went to town with my friend yesterday and was just about to buy a really lovelly pair of summer flipflops when i remembered that every time i open my wardrobe 20 pairs fall out on me so i restrained myself still tempted pay day is not till tuesday but we have car tax and mot so cant do any spending so im not going near the shops i think selling some of your clothes on ebay sounds good ive found sorting my wardrobe out is good therapy and making new outfits out of what youve got if that fails swap clothes with friends
                  Jan xx



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                    Ther's something strangely therapeutic about decluttering...not that I'm very good at it, but focusing on one cupboard or a drawer helps me a lot on the motivation front.....
                    Shoes.....can't help there LOL!!



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                      Aw thanks for all your words of wisdom..... OH took me to TK Maxx after work and I left my purse at home so I couldn't buy anything.

                      First was the food shopping, we went to lidl to get cheese and meat (high quality continental meat and cheese for half the price of tesco) Now we have half a fridge full of cheese and meat....... I was compulsively buying cheese and meat... he paid, so it's not that bad!

                      Then he bought me a bag at TK

                      How can I go to shops without my purse but spend so much money!

                      That's it, I am beyond help! (no shoes though, he drew the line)