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Moving house.. The best plain of attack?

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  • Moving house.. The best plain of attack?

    Anyone got any tips on moving house,

    I moved quite a bit in my time but was worth asking people how to reduce the stress of moving..

    Any good ideas ?

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    Pre plan, throw away what you dont need anymore while your packing, youll only be moving half of your stuff out.

    Rope friends in to help, my pal bought me a CD in return for me helping her move, saved her a fortune on hiring out moving guys and i got a day off work, a CD and a feeling Id actually spent the in a productive way.

    I also bought my pals some drink so they could relax in the evening, it was the first and only time i got ID'd.I was 27!!!Hoorah, I clearly look younger than I am!!

    My main bit of advice is to get the bedrooms sorted out first.There is no point in having the living room/kitchen/bathroom all sorted at the end of the day and then have nowhere to crash at 2am when yuor pooped.

    Thats about the extent of my moving experience.

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      I have just moved house today, well it is all going into storage until we move into a flat above a pub which my partner is going to run. It wasnt too stressful , he did most of it as I was working. We managed to pack up our entire flat in about 3 days!
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        Moving AGAIN!!!!!!

        I agree with Seahorse, chuck out all you don'y need prior to moving. I'm having a blitz in my kitchen today as i'm a bit of a hoarder but i'm being very relentless today!

        Box as much stuff as you can, start a week before you move starting with none essentials.

        Rope in friends and family.

        Eat takeaways for the first couple of days so you don;t have to worry about cooking .

        Hope the move goes easy and stress free.
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          I've only ever moved twice in 12 years .... best advice I can give is to have your kettle, cups, milk, teabags, coffee and sugar etc in a box on their own that you take charge of. That way, the first thing you can do when you get into the new place is make everybody a cup of tea.

          Oh gawd - I sound like my mother!
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            Label Everything....

            .....I've moved house all my life, being a rif-RAF brat.

            Label all the boxes, roughly what the contents are, and which rooms they need to go into in the new place. Put what needs to be unpacked first (like food that needs to be stored and computers that need to be plugged in etc) into boxes that are numbered, the rest can be unpacked at your leisure. Take anything like jewellery or anything of any high value, sentimental or otherwise in the car with you.

            Make sure you have the essentials in the back of your car - bedding, coffee& tea kit, washkit, clean clothes and loo roll. A bottle of wine and a ready made dinner are also good. Think 'comfort'.

            You need my mother....she has house-moving down to a fine art!

            Otherwise, good luck with it all......

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              Set yourself a goal of clearing out all the junk from one room a week.
              Take it to a charity shop (or a few if you've got a lot!)
              Then box up what you have left and you may find that you've also got more junk than what you need.
              Again, charity shop.
              Don't forget to write on box where its going (room) and sort of what is in it.
              Strong tape and no boxes full of books (learnt the hard way heheh!)
              And when moving do a room at a time for all the big furniture and get the bedroom shipshape first so as Seahorse said, you've got somewhere decent to sleep!

              Has this put you off?!!


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                Make your bed as soon as you move in - so that you can colapse there at any stage during the day / night.

                Work out where the nearest fish & chip shop / chinese / curry / other takeaway place is, so you know what you'll be eating on day one.

                There are some good websites out there (free!) that you can register when you are moving, and they tell you what you should be doing at each stage, plus some will notify people that you are moving, from bills and banks through to University alumni associations.
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                  Check the date on the top of the thread...
                  I guess Mr M has well and truley settled in now...


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