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Thursday 4th

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  • Thursday 4th

    Morning all. Damp underfoot but dry in the air. Just walked the dog via the post box as another 3 sales yesterday. Think must have been payday last Friday.

    Hope George is getting better Linda and you are managing to get some rest in.

    I hate snow Clare for driving ever since trying to get up the hill out of Farnham and a double decker coming down sideways, terrifying.

    Dave always busy your are a marvel.

    Shelley my breathing is not good always find damp weather makes it worse and takes ages to clear my throat in the mornings. Lee normally spends time banging my back to help dislodge the gunge. Hope you feel better soon.

    Back still not happy but learning to adapt with the v pillow and yes Lee moved the chair for me so can sit upright, gives more support than the sofa. I now listen to the pain and if starts niggling move and change position.

    Today still have some butterflies to cut out and reading.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, very damp and getting cooler. Another 14 hours of rain forecast for overnight

    Yesterday, George decided he had to be on my lap for most of the morning after I got home from the shopping, so only knitting got done. Once he'd moved I got on with the usual clearing and cleaning. I did eventually get a bit of time on the canvas work, but not enough to get the pattern stitching finished - so close!! Got a bit sidetracked onto some more family tree information - how the time flies by Happy to see the water levels not getting any higher at the moment and the risk of the inside toilet overflowing from backup has gone for now. The puddles on the paving around the house did eventually clear from the surface, but along the hedge was still very much a river and a number of duck ponds still on the grass. After much Googling and talking to brother and OH I've concluded the phishing email has resulted from someone getting access to a database on one of the sites I'm registered with and having hacked a valid email to send it. However, passwords have been changed and I've been guided on doing a pre-bootup scan on the laptop which I did last night.

    Today, slept a little bit better as no longer worrying about the phishing email, although still got one ear open for rain even when I finally got to sleep, so quality still not good and length of sleep much reduced. OH even worse than me at the moment. George isn't good - looked a bit stiff and not happy yesterday and hasn't improved, so he's already had the thyroid medication and a dose of Loxicom (feline paracetamol) for the arthritis. Need to ring the vets and order more of both. Not feeling very energetic so yet another day of nothing but essential stuff getting done I think. Today's excitement is likely to be a squidge across the grass to the compost bin

    Caroline - pleased to hear your back has improved a bit and you've been able to get out for a walk to the post box. Congratulations on the sales
    Clare - preparation is the key to a good job so if you need to sit and think about the best way to do the folding then that's what you do. It will pay dividends in the end. I hope your mental state is much improved and more stable and you can have a reasonable day today.
    Dave - how's the hand? The bruising will take a while to clear (seems to take longer the older we get), but hope the inflammation is cleared and movement of fingers etc is not impaired. Did you manage to do any cutting, and how did you get on with the naan bread?
    Shelley - sounds like you're feeling a little better despite the physical health situation. I hope the banging and shaking from the building work didn't go on too long and it's not being repeated today. Had the results of the blood test yet?



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      Morning all.....dry and misty here.

      Nothing much on today, bit of cutting, need to get into some BSL course work this afternoon, mulling over a project or two.

      Hand is okay, all working, no pain, just a bit yellow.

      Naan bread test run was ok, they are non yeast so the knack is getting them thin enough to be able to bubble with the heat on one side, then turning the cast iron pan upside down, them not dropping on to the burner as you bubble and brown the other side. You wet the rolled dough first with water then push the dough onto the red hot pan with a padded tea towel, this makes it stick. They cook in literally a minute. You need a soft dough, this recipe was a bit too wet, trying another one tomorrow.

      Don’t know what else is in store apart from walking the dog.



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        Afternoon all,

        Rain on and off all day.

        Caroline, well done on the sales Back must be a bit better, a walk with the dog via the post box. Double decker coming at you in the snow must have been terrifying.
        I don't suffer from gunge I hardly cough anything up, never really have. I would probably break if Simon banged on my back

        One of the things I had to do on the two year study I was on at the hospital was to cough up something for them to look at. We had to go the Sputum lab and i sat in a cubicle and had to breath in a salty mixture through a sort of nebuliser type thing to loosen and encourage, they soon learnt that if one round didn't do it, it was pointless trying any more. A maximum of 3 rounds was allowed but it tired me out too much.

        I am fairly convinced its a chest infection becuase of the pain in my chest and breathlessness. Its just a fact of life with COPD.
        I started the ABs last night as I saw no reason to wait and suffer, get them working and I should feel better by the weekend.

        The butterflies sound fun, enjoy.

        Linda, glad you have run the hackers to ground and are now feeling happier. I am sure George will appreciate the lap sitting if he is under the weather. Hope OH improves. Roll on the spring to ease all pains and ills
        No building noises this morning but I still got up relatively early as I felt better for it yesterday, I didn't feel tired in the afternoon and I didn't fall asleep on the sofa after dinner. Too much sleep is not good for me, about 6 or 7 hours is enough.

        Dave, glad to hear the hand is healing well. More naan bread experimenting? Hope the dog walk was pleasant enough considering the weather.
        Decided on a project yet?

        Clare, busy? Did you make a start on the book folding?

        Today got up early again, definitely feel better for it. Not at my best, chest still hurting and breathing not best. I am ok though, eating well and no more nausea. Waiting on the blood results, probably take a day or two more, they are really busy in the hospital at the moment, as not life threatening it is probably a low priority. We will find out soon, not too worried as I feel better.
        Started the ABs so should start working soon, day two today.

        Going to go and make some thing to eat, leftover bolognese with rice and roll, sort of chilli con carne without the chilli or the red kidney beans ( they give me terrible wind ) nice and quick.

        After dinner going to play around with my "how to glue the mandalas project" I start weeks ago.

        Take care all.



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          Glad you got your phishing sorted Linda makes you go cold when that happens.

          Shelley take care as you are a worry, hugs x