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Wednesday 3rd

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  • Wednesday 3rd

    Morning all. Opened the back door and dry, will try to take mutt for a walk today but will have to use the k9 lead as cannot have him pulling me. Back bad again this morning and have found the sofa makes it worse. Lee is going to move one of the reading chairs round for me as more sensible.

    Need to trace round the wood butterflies then cut out 10 butterflies for decoupage to the wood. Have done 1 as a sample and looks good. Can do this sitting in the chair.

    Sympathy card made and Lee went round the post box for me along with a birthday card.

    You all sound super busy, well done on the sale Shelley, even if a bit odd.

    Looks like Lee will get his vaccine invite next week, have to go to GLive which is a pain, 22 miles away. Hate driving to Guildford at the best of times but will go over Pewley Way to the top of the town should be easier than the main roads in.

    Waitrose booked this morning for the 18th, seem to be able to keep the booking ticking over, always on a Wednesday for 2weeks Thursday.

    Sitting enjoying coffee in bed with furry creature in my left arm, snuggling.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Good morning,
    The snow has almost gone as due to the rain. very cold still though.
    Yesterday caused some drama! With my anxiety I really have to process what it going to happen. So i was really scared aout driving in the snow. I havent had to do it for a long time and yesterday's snow seemed to come out of the blue as none of the roads were treated. I cleared the car and had mentally prepared myself to drive, like a mental risk assessment. When it turns out i wouldn't have to drive all the adrenaline went which caused me to crash. I laid on the couch and slept for 4 hours! I woke up a couple of times, once when my OH's snoring woke me up (yes he was working from home!) and then a couple of times when he had to wake me as my snoring (apparently) was heard on a conference call he had. It took me a long time to wake up. We did go out in the snow to the sandwich shop as a treat for lunch. I spent the rest of the day playing some games and relaxing. We cancelled the electicians that were due as the OH needed access to the internet and they would have turned the power off for 2 hours. They are coming later in the month now.

    Today I plan to start work on the next book. I have been putting it off as don't want to get it wrong. This is going to be the first face i have done so hoping it will look like the person it is meant to.

    Hope you all have a great day
    Clare x


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      Morning all, out early today as Sue watches Daniel at Amy’s one day a week. Just got back from walking the dog.

      Lovely and sunny here today, not many about.

      My hand is better today, the bruising is coming out, not swollen or hurting any longer.

      Probably do some cutting in a bit, need to test run a naan bread recipe.

      That’s about it, have a goodun all.



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        Morning all! Not sure what to say about the weather - rain kept me awake until early hours, came down this morning to find the dyke within a couple of inches of overflowing and well within half an inch, plus big standing puddles on the paving around the house.

        Yesterday ended up being an armchair day, with and without cats. Made good progress on the canvas work until I discovered a rather nasty email in one of my spam boxes, which meant I had to start going through a lot of sites and changing passwords. Fortunately it only applied to sites where I use that particular email address (I have a couple of other regularly used addresses for specific reasons).

        Today, George is obviously feeling better as I had to chase him round the living room furniture half a dozen times before I caught him for morning medication. I've done the weekly and farm shop shopping. Got a bit concerned as there was a report that part of the road through had been flooded up to car bonnet height and required attention of the fire service last night. However, that was clear this morning, but it did start raining on the way back which was cause for concern. However, when I got home it looks like the dyke has gone down by about an inch, the well has dropped a couple of millimetres and the puddles on the paving are showing signs of receding. I'm currently being a cat cushion (Bert very annoyed because he can't get on my lap!), so back to the needlework and knitting.

        Caroline - hope your back starts to improve with the change of seating, and the dog walk doesn't aggravate things.
        Dave - how is the injury? All those hours spent with a scalpel in your hands and you have to injure yourself with a gardening saw!
        Clare - yesterday really wasn't a good day for you Hope you're feeling more positive this morning and getting back on an even keel. Did you make a start on the book or decide to leave for another day?
        Shelley - George is dangerous when he wants to be - his claws have never retracted fully, but last time he was sedated for blood tests they clipped his nails, and so far I'm winning the psychological battle and have escaped injury. Think I've said before he's a very intelligent cat and realises that the medicine makes him feel better even if he doesn't like taking it, and he hasn't gone for me in anger! Glad to hear the additional potassium in your diet is making a difference and hope the deficiency is confirmed by the blood tests. Any idea when you'll hear the results?



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          Linda, not made a start on the book yet. Sat at my desk. Nervous about starting! Working out some different ways to do the folds to try and get a better result.


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            Afternoon all,

            Rain this morning then dry and sun.

            Caroline, so sorry to hear your back is still bad, but getting exercise and taking painkillers is the best plan. Have fun with your butterflies. Has Lee moved the chair for you yet?
            Hope Shiloh didn't pull too much and the walk was enjoyable.

            Clare, it can be like that you build yourself for something and when it doesn't happen you just go flat. You will make a start when you are ready, relax and enjoy.

            Dave, Linda has a point - a scalpel in your hand all day and you attack yourself with garden tool Did the naan bread work out? Enjoy the cutting, got a new project on the go?

            Linda, glad you made it out and about and home safely with all that water around. It is good he senses its for his own good even if he doesn't like it, makes it worthwhile. Poor Bert, not enough laps to go round. Flo has started crawling under the quilt at night and purrs for ages and then falls asleep with her head under too, very worrying, Simon is always asking where she is, fearful he will squash her, don't actually mind, just hope we always know where she is.

            Today got up earlier as I hoped to, partially helped by the fact that our neighbours one door down are doing loads of building work, not been too bad till now. Not sure what they were doing but it involved a loud machine and lots of banging, enough to shake the building. After 10 minutes of that I got up. They are converting the two shops on the ground floor to flats, not happy but not that bothered either, just feels like the start of the demise of the parade of shops.

            Simon got his letter this morning and went online to book his appointments, it was a bit confusing at the end so not sure if he has actually done it correctly, he has asked for email confirmation so we will see.

            I finally did the VAT and Tax - submitted and done. I also paid a few bills so office work done for a bit.

            Breathing not best today, slight ache and pain in my left side, hope I am not coming down with a chest infection. With my lung condition I do just get chest infections without having a cold or flu, if it doesn't clear in a day or two I will start my rescue pack of ABs.

            Looking forward to getting crafty again, Going to make spag bol today so tomorrow easy dinner, so I will have all day to myself.

            Take care all,



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              You are right Shelley, in ten or twelve years I’ve cut myself three times max with the scalpel. Day one with the saw, nearly cut my hand off 😆😆