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Tuesday 2nd

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  • Tuesday 2nd

    Morning all, sorry missed yesterday but have caught up with your news.

    Dave our first golden used to do that foxes stuff you name it. Took him for a walk to the park and the had put horse manure on the roses! Yupp you guessed it he proceeded to roll all through the roses, had to have the car windows open on the way back, hosed down and a couple of bottles of shampoo later. Thank goodness Shiloh does not do that.

    Yesterday had another look for the fabric, no joy but pulled my back agony and eating panadols all day. Finally got to sleep but still there. Lee came down with me to get the coffees as not sure could have lifted the kettle. Ordered a replacement, what is the betting will now turn up?

    Counted up my makes and have 40 items still to post who knew I had made so much.

    Had a call yesterday Lee’s Aunty Joan passed away, she was 96 in a home but as not ill had to have a pm, seems wrong really at that age but the law. Need to make a sympathy card today for Alison, Erica and Joe, Lee has said he will go to the post box for me.

    Hope George is okay Linda I hate when pets are not good.

    Talking about limping did you see the video of the dog that limped taken to the vet £300 later nothing wrong just limping in sympathy with his owners broken foot!

    I suffer from SAD Clare plus take meds for depression have done since my Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2004. Came off for a time but went back on them, a low dose and helps me keep sort of normal.

    Onwards and upwards HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning All! Wet, wet, wet, dark, blowy and miserable.

    Yesterday - went to progress the books but just ended up deciding on end papers and covers and getting some bits cut to size, didn't actually do any creating. Spent the afternoon lounging in a hot bath, and evening finishing off a short scarf to go with the hat I made recently. Did finally figure out part of the new system Ancestry have created up for looking at the "hints", although it does seem to swap between that and the old system arbitrarily. However, spent an hour on it and gleaned a few more potential facts to add to the family tree.

    Today - had planned to dash out for the shopping when the rain eased off, but the weather forecast site I generally use is out of service at the moment so I don't know when there might be a break in the weather - BBC site is far from encouraging. Not feeling inclined to do anything useful today and may well end up in the armchair with the canvas work and recorded TV programmes. George and I are now locked in a mental battle every time he's due for medicine (currently three times a day) and he is constantly finding new hiding places so I have to search for him, then I have to be quicker at getting him in a headlock so I can get the syringe in his mouth as he tries to get away from me

    Caroline - glad you are OK, but how annoying not to have found the fabric yet! 40 items of stock to list is quite a lot and shows just how busy you have been over recent weeks. Hope the back starts to recover very soon. Sorry to hear about Lee's auntie and do agree that at that age a pm doesn't seem sensible, but as you say it's a legal requirement if not under medical care (had the same with my great aunt way back in 1980).
    Clare - saw the picture of the snow on CC - so pleased you didn't have to drive in it! Sounds like your new folding technique practice was worthwhile and hope it proves to be of benefit in the future. Hope you have a productive day today, although maybe with OH at home today your routine will have to be flexible.
    Dave - when we were first married OH's mother had a Pyrenean - d*mn thing weighed 1½ stone more than OH or I - and it used to escape and take itself for wander along the road to the West Common where there was plenty of horse doodah and a fairly large stagnant muddy pond and guess what? Dog had a great time Once home, dog was loose tied to the washing line in the yard and hosed down from the kitchen window one storey above, then shampooed - took hours. No real rush to decide backing colour for the shop cut is there? Let it sit for a while and you'll probably have a flash of inspiration one day
    Shelley - George's leg problem comes and goes; it got bad later on yesterday, but seems reasonable this morning. Cold weather definitely affects it, as does the amount of activity. Sorry you didn't have a good night, hope you can cope with the day today. Ouch! I understand that nurses are usually quite good at taking blood - it's doctors that don't get the practice! Must have just been an off day for her, but hope the bruises start to clear within a day or so. Absolutely no problem with Simon being part of CC - surprised he's not already and had assumed it was his choice not to join (got that wrong then!).



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      Shelley happy to have Simon on CC


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        Morning all, damp and foggy this morning

        Went out with the dog yesterday, the park has flooded from one end to the other, not seen it that bad before, probably because the ground was so wet for so long.

        We both got in the garden to do a bit of tidying. I went into the wood to cut out the last sapling or regrowth from a stump, about six offshoot about 10 ft tall. I’d bought one of these folding hand saws to cut the stumps, blade is Japanese steel with curved teeth. Ridiculously sharp, gets through a 3-4” stump in about 20 seconds.
        Last stump, I went to put the saw down and caught the back of my hand. In the teeth went, right on one of the veins in my hand. It spurted like a good'un. Quick thinking, direct pressure on it, down to the outside tap, freezing cold water running over it for about ten or fifteen minutes. By that time it was under control, Sue cleaned it up, just four little slits...but deep. It swelled right up but was ok after a couple of hours, seems fine this morning, just a bit sore.

        Dogs eh?.....I think they roll in stuff as a scent camouflage, they are probably up there in the predator hierarchy genetically, who knows what goes through their heads 🤷🏻‍♂️......yes, saw that vid of the chap and his greyhound that came out in sympathy with him, limping along 😂😂

        Egg run day today...

        Shop cut, yes, I think once the lockdown business is over or eased, they might get back in touch. The beauty of mounting under clear plastic is the work isn’t permanently fixed, it has two small tape hinges as in standard mounting at the top, the rest left free of adhesion, that is so it can expand or contract at a different rate to the mount board backing and not rip being so fine so the whole thing colour backing wise is interchangeable.

        MH issues, lots of good reports and results from using CBD oils and coming off meds, animals too, especially for pain management. I’m in the biggest UK FB group, they produce and sell it themselves, one of the cheapest too. I don’t take it personally but am very interested in case I ever want to consider it so I follow it, me being dodgy with tablets, pain killers etc.

        Yes Shelley, love to have Simon join CC, have replied on a previous post.



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          Evening all.

          Grey and rainy on and off here.

          Caroline, I think if you have ever owned a dog you will have done the hose off from a distance thing) I am sorry you have done your back in, a hot water bottle and some panadol hopefully will help.
          I bet the fabric turns up a couple of days after the new batch arrives, its the way it goes
          40 new items, I am not really surprised, you have making and creating like a demon lately
          Sorry to hear about Lee's aunty, a pm seems a bit unnecessary at that age but they have to follow protocol.
          Yes, I did see about the limping dog in sympathy, shows just how much they pick up from us.

          Linda, I never rely on the weather forecast down here, we have 4 tides becuase of the solent and often the rain comes in and goes out with the tide. You will just have do it tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your day in the chair.
          You are very brave with George, I would be shredded as the girls don't fight cleanly, they will quite happily dig their claws into me to get purchase to run away, I get their nails done regularly but what with things the way they are, the gaps have got bigger and the claws get sharper

          Dave, oh ow, just keep it clean, hope it heals quickly. Hope the gardening was worth it I think your right about hanging on to the shop cut for better times.
          CBD oils seems promising, not too sure though. I don't feel any need for it so don't really take an interest.

          Clare, hope all is ok

          Today got a call from someone wanting to buy smoke/fog fluid, I said come at 4pm. He was there on the dot, explained it was for testing cars for leaks, I never thought of that as a use. He was dressed in a sort of hazmat suit with company logos on it, must be part of what they do.
          Tidied up the kitchen and did the dishwasher dance Definitely feeling better and eating well. Now convinced it potassium linked, waiting for the doc to speak to me about the blood results, we will see whats what Still a bit lacking in energy but getting better.

          Tomorrow going to try getting up earlier, I am sure part of the tiredness is too much sleep.

          Simon was surprised to see meimei but very happy, thanks for welcoming him. He is not a big FB user but at least he can pop in now and again.

          Take care all.