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Monday 1st

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  • Monday 1st

    Morning all! Sky is bright and there is little breeze, but it's cold and frosty out. No wetness in the forecast but we've got a yellow warning for snow and ice.

    Yesterday, basically a repeat of Saturday - made up a couple of book blocks from offcuts, did some canvas work until the big lump (Bert) decided he had to be on my lap, and did a lot of knitting. Apart from some laundry and the necessary cleaning and tidying nothing else got done. George's leg wasn't good yesterday, and I struggled to get any painkiller/anti-inflammatory into him. It seems like he's having to be dosed every couple of hours with something or another at the moment; not sure how long he'll put up with it.

    Today, looks like being another repeat of the last couple of days; no major plans for anything in the house or garden, but am going to try and get another couple of hours on the canvas work and see if I can finish the pattern stitching. George's leg seems to be a little bit better this morning, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

    Caroline - lovely brooch, and yet another new piece - clever lady Did you find that fabric you were looking for? Know what you mean about having too much in the shop - I've been trying to reduce the range of stuff I have to put on the stall, but I get so enthused when I see new ideas that I have to try things (well up to a year ago I did!).
    Dave - any decisions on the background colour for the shop? BSL level 2 - won't be long before you're a fully fledged signer - that CV must be getting longer and longer!
    Clare - day off from everything? Hope you enjoyed whatever you did. Back to the early morning trip into the city again? Bummer!
    Shelley - Like you state pension makes a difference to me - makes life just about comfortable instead of being an existence and watching the savings pot head downwards rapidly (OH yet to get his; due in March and he's had the letter, but as usual has done [email protected]@er all about getting things sorted!). Glad you were feeling a bit better yesterday - potassium deficiency, not a surprise (that's George at the moment!). If I remember my school chemistry correctly all potassium salts are water soluble, so diuretics will be clearing potassium from the system as well as the water. Surprised the GP or hospital haven't been checking for that or warned you about it. Hope the vampire visit actually happens and you get results back soon.


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    Good morning,

    I think the best way to describe this morning was fresh! (AKA fricking freezing) Yes Linda, it was an early one today again however last night i slept all night in bed (i sound like a toddler!) Felt really good this morning.

    This morning has all been about procrastinating. Just finished cleaning the bathroom which i planned to start early but those random YouTube videos will not watch themselves. I have also been drying the laundry. Our dryer stopped working last year and we havent had it fixed yet so lots of rotating around radiators. One more load to wash.
    Last night I played around on a practice book with the new folding technique. I feel like i have found the best way to do it now so eager to get on with the next book this week. This one I plan on colouring as I fold as I found colouring the previous book annoying once everything has been folded. I will put a picture of the one i am unhappy with on facebook so you can see what I mean.

    Depression has been a constant bane of my life for the past 20 years, along with other mental health issues. The best advice I can give is do something you enjoy and don't feel guilty for doing nothing. January is the worst with many people experiencing seasonal affective disorder, ironicly known as SAD. The dark mornings/nights and horrible weather contribute to it. Hopefully now we are in February things will start to feel better, especially when the daffodils come out.

    Have a great afternoon guys
    Clare x


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      Morning all....bright and sunny here but cold.

      Just got in from walking the dog, she found some fox stuff and had a roll in it so she is in the shower later πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Nothing planned for today so far. Got a sapling to chop out. Got an order for some mounts coming later today. Not decided on the backing for the shop cut, Its on light grey, black inner mount, white mount, black frame at the min. Grey is okay as it is neutral and goes anywhere but then it also looks uninteresting....but then other colours aren’t everyones taste....nor are frames, what a dilemma! 😁

      State another nine or ten years before I get mine πŸ™„, Sue got hers last year.

      Pete who had the last unit I was in used to have problems with SAD but then found great comfort at going out for a walk with the dogs through the village in the dark early mornings, getting out even in the dark made him feel much better than stopping in.

      Have a good’un all



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        Evening all,

        Rain on and off all day.

        Linda, glad George's leg is a bit better. Hope you got some time on the canvas work and maybe some more on the books? Simon's birthday is in March too, another for the list of similarities.

        Clare, shows just how important is it to sleep in your own bed. You sound full of energy. Even with a working dryer I still hang things out on the radiators till they are mostly dry and then finish it of in the dryer. I hang it out in the summer on the line but still give it a whirl in the dryer, I like it be really dry, hate that foosty smelly of not quite dry clothes.
        I saw the twilight book, see what you mean about the red being hard to see, maybe doing it the new way will help. I have never suffered from depression but do feel a bit down by the time we get the end of winter and long to see the blue sky and fresh greens.

        Dave, oh fox stuff, why does it smell so bad and why oh why do they have roll in it? Hope she is all fresh and clean now. Maybe wait to see if someone wants to buy the toy shop and maybe they will have a colour preference.
        I won't get my pension for a 3/4 years, not sure if I will get much, but I have my PIP now. They have just extended it for 2 years without a further interview due to covid so that was easy.

        Caroline, a long post gone in the ether? or did it just pass you by?

        Today was odd, last night I didn't get much sleep last night, awake till 3am, then woken up at 7am by the woodshop's wood delivery, a large lorry with a built in crane that unloads lots of wood onto his forecourt. Lay awake for another hour or so. Had to be up by 10:30 to take my pills so it would be 6 hours before the blood test. Decided to get up, take pills, and go back to bed for some more sleep, found myself sleeping through the alarm and woke to Simon getting up and being downstairs before me 😲 Got up, pottered around drank tea and ate rich tea biscuits. Watched most of a silly movie and then made our way to the surgery.
        Nurse was quite useless at getting blood out of me, 2 large bruises now, but over and done now.
        We went to Sainsburys, got a few things came home.
        Had baked potatoes with a cabbage and onion thingy sort of bubble and squeak without the squeak

        Not done much else.

        Would anyone mind if I invited Simon to join Crafty Chat? I think he would like to be included even if he doesn't contribute much, it will seem less like a world he is not part of.

        Take care all,



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          Sorry missed Monday. Will write more on Tuesday.


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            Shelley, good idea, get him to join, the more the merrier, another bloke to balance it up a bit 😁