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Wednesday 27th

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  • Wednesday 27th

    Good Morning All

    Well yesterday spent some time sorting some projects into boxes, all labelled ready for the off when my mojo returns.

    Have had a problem getting `HP ink normally buy the XL cartridges but have had to settle for the standard. Went to search online but the cheapest was £44.99 for both. Went onto John Lewis same pack £32.99 so have ordered 2 with free delivery. That is a big saving but think they have not increased their prices due to the shortage whilst other suppliers have. Wonder how many more will think to check them as they have plenty atm.

    June (sister) is frightened for when Paul comes home she seems to be really struggling atm. Her back is very bad and she will not tell him about the problem in case it puts his recovery back. I did explain that he needed to understand that she would not be able to run up and down stairs to him every 10 minutes. She said she will tell him when he is home. She also has only driven this new car once since they got it and although cannot drive atm that is getting to her. She has got old very suddenly and a worry and does not seem able to cope with even the basic things. Hoping when her back improves she will feel better.

    Update Paul came home yesterday. She told him about her back before he left hospital which explained why she managed to get herself set up with a cleaner. He felt they could do it themselves, then he understood.

    Need to order some gold and silver paint for the wood butterflies but may see if Lee has any in his model box, may even try the metallic pens first and ink pads.

    Linda cat cushion?

    Dave how is the shop cutting going?

    Shelley crafting? I do hope you feel better soon.

    Clare busy baking?

    HAGD & BBL

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    Morning all....not as cold here, no frost, thawing.

    Earlier than usual, been awake since 5am. Sue has got to do a mercy dash to take Amy to work at this new job, plus she is having Daniel so as I’m awake pretty early anyway, kettle on, start the day.

    Shop cut is coming along, I cut some more out yesterday plus outlined some brickwork with a pencil that was a bit vague for starting today.

    Caroline, I paid a small fortune for ink for my Epson as its an office one. I used to buy from PC world but grabbed the last lot from Amazon for about £20 cheaper, XXL black, normal size colours. I only print in grey for templates so it is quite good on ink as they run down quite slowly, not like block colours, blue, red etc, that said the colour cartridges are all separate so I’ve always got a spare one somewhere as I only replace the low ones, not all at the same time.

    I guess sister and BIL have a learning curve to get over, never easy when one is laid up, she can only do what she can do but people being what they are, she’ll probably overdo it without realising, we all do. Good job she’s got a cleaner to lighten the load a bit.

    I’ll be back for a catch up later.



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      Morning all! A bit cloudy, a bit breezy but less cold, although still damp. Veritable heat wave of +5 or +6 deg forecast for middle of the day!

      Yesterday - Shopping done, but got home to find the butcher's hadn't included the lasagnes I need - quick phone call sorted that out and they'll be delivered tomorrow when she's in the village with other deliveries. Did an hour or two on the canvas/wool work yesterday, then decided it was time for a soak in the bath. A few rows of knitting done after tea and that was it.

      Today - don't know what's up with me but got up and got straight on with chores, so everything is cleared/washed/cleaned/put away, laundry done and a big batch of bolognese sauce simmering away on the stove. Even got as far as getting the recipe books out - thinking of doing a pepper/chilli jelly/jam just to use up some of the stuff in the freezer, which is chock full now. Need to check I've got, or can substitute, the necessary bits and pieces and I have enough jars in stock. No idea where I'm going to put the jars of stuff when done

      Caroline - good news that Paul is home (earlier than expected?), but not good for your sister. Having a cleaner will help enormously, but I do hope they've got some other support especially with their age and both not in good health. Well done on sorting the project boxes. Only one cat with me at the moment, the other one is fast asleep on the settee where OH usually sits - once George discovers OH has gone for a bath he'll be up there in the bathroom with him (George is very clingy at the moment)
      Dave - hope the mercy dash went smoothly and Amy is coping with the job. My Samsung printer (laser) cartridges cost more than the printer itself, but I only use it for stuff that needs to be waterproof - ie the jar labels - and I also print in very dark grey to stretch the toner a little bit further. Everything else I do on our ancient HP deskjet, but the cartridges for that are getting much harder to find.
      Clare - glad to hear you've caught up with a bit of sleep, and had an entertaining time with your gaming. Did you get round to any more of the book colouring? Home made burgers sound lovely; I'm sure they were enjoyed
      Shelley - glad your absence was only because of being busy Hope the trip to the surgery goes OK, and the hardware shop visit is successful, but sorry to hear you're feeling so much under the weather again. Such a shame as you seemed to be doing so well, but I know getting thyroid medication dosage correct is very difficult. Fingers crossed!



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry mostly, grey and cold here.

        Caroline, good news Paul has returned home, is he going to be in bed for a while? would it be worth setting up a downstairs bedroom so the stairs won't be a problem for June? A cleaner is excellent idea, if we were in normal times I would be having one come in to do the heavy cleaning and vacuuming, but managing at the moment. Its no good asking Simon, he would just blow up the hoover the first time he used it
        Glad you are organized and ready to go the moment your mojo strikes I have some gold, silver and copper sharpies that work well.

        Dave, an early start can be nice now and again, you get loads done and its still early. I have been missing my early starts, hopefully when back to normal I will.
        Hope its not too crazy with the whirlwind for the day

        Linda, up with a burst of energy, loads done and the afternoon to yourself, another one I am envious of, oh well hope it will get back to normal eventually.

        Catch up with Clare late

        Today got woken up by the surgery ringing to cancel the appointment for today, the nurse called in sick. I was rather surprised that a surgery of that size only has one person that can take blood. Its actually in the city's second hospital so the whole place is full of people of which some must be qualified to take blood. New appointment is Monday 4:30, that was the earliest available, I did explain it was a matter of some urgency and she said if there are any cancellations she will book me in. So more days of misery and uncertainty, I am going to try and eat more even if its bits and pieces throughout the day, got a banana on the go at the moment, good for potassium.

        No crafting at the moment, still hard at the books, nearly done now. Even when I have done the books I still have no head for creating at the moment.

        Our printer is a cheap brother, we have two one in my office and one in the shop, have paid at least a 100 times their cost in ink. A full set cost about £35.00 for each machine, the printers cost about £30.00 each new. Must have bought at least 30 or so sets for each printer over the last 5 years. They say printer ink is the most expensive fluid by volume.

        Now to check the Sainsbury's order, delivery tomorrow, need to check I haven't forgotten anything and add a couple of things. Then back to the books.

        Take care all,

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          Good evening,

          Still trying to get my sleeping in order. Feeling really tired all the time at the moment, though my sleeping is not going well. My OH is a snorer so to sleep i have to wear earplugs. Unfortunatly i have times where my ears hurt and i end up getting up and sleeping on the couch. I am lucky that I don't have a formal job i need to go to so I am able to get some sleep in the mornings. So I ended up getting up at midday today.

          Last night i worked some more on the book. the colouring is going well but the more i look at the book the more i want to start again. It isn't as neat as I would have liked, i need to work on the neatness of my folding. As I am making it as a set I need to find that particular book again, which may prove difficult with the charity shops closed. I might have to look on ebay. I am still going to continue with the colouring though.
          Today was a bit more gaming, tonight will be a bit more colouring. Tomorrow I plan on working on the patterns for the other books. I have already made them but want to change them up a bit.

          Great news about Paul coming home, Caroline. Did the hospital put in a care plan? Could be worth getting occupational health in to assess their living situation and arrange for measures of support for them. I haven't been baking but i think when we shop tomorrow i might get a few bits in to bake with, for when we have a sweet craving.
          Linda, how did it go in the kitchen? The only thing similar that ive made was lemon curd which was so good! Chilli jam sounds amazing!
          Dave, i am in absolute awe at your cutting work, can't wait to see the next update.
          Shelley, it sucks about the blood test. When my OH needed blood taking and our surgery was too full to do it he was told to just go straight to the hospital blood department. Not sure how that would work with the current situation but might be worth a call if you need it urgently.

          Have a great evening guys

          Clare x