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Tuesday 26th

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  • Tuesday 26th

    Morning all.

    Apologies did not arrive yesterday spent the morning cleaning upstairs, collapsed in a chair and forgot. Making a 'To Do' list for my Folksy shop next Monday that I need to do, quite a task and will put on holiday while I sort it. Hoping to complete to republish on Tuesday will have to see how it goes. Then loading unsold sale stuff to ebay under my new profile after the episode with that horrible men from Wales.

    Today? have nothing planned so need to sort some projects into boxes, list what I need to buy, at this point Lee suggested I use what I have! Do not know what he means! Always need something even if a zip or thread. So far some ballet pump style pencil cases with plenty of fripperies attached am sure will think of a lot of other things to do. Have some wood butterflies that need decoupaging and decorating they have sat in a box on their own for about 7 months. Perhaps I should tackle them first, now need to find the rice paper.

    Washing day today, having checked the labels of clothing so much that cannot be tumble dried.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Still very cold and frosty out, no breeze, no rain until after lunch, not much daylight, very strong red sky (but part of that could be the refineries at Immingham).

    Yesterday, bit of a mixed day - got morning clearing up done, settled in chair and got side tracked into working on the canvas/wool project. Spent most of the day on it on and off, but OH went out late morning so I got vacuum cleaner out and did a quick run round downstairs. Later on I became a cat cushion again so the stitching was put on one side and I did a few more rows of knitting. Watched lots of recorded tv programmes.

    Today, morning clearing up done, George has had his first lot of medicine, planning on a trip to Grimsby for a "big" shop, then butcher's to collect order and farm shop on the way home. Usually cream crackered by the time I've done that so nothing specific planned for the remainder of the day, except see what the laundry situation is like.

    Caroline - no apologies needed, as long as you're OK we're happy Sounds like you got plenty to keep you busy for a while to come, and still the creative ideas are flowing
    Dave - sounds like more wet weather coming your way in the next day or two - won't be good for the areas that flooded The Toy Shop is cracking on nicely, but obviously getting more and more delicate the more you cut away.
    Clare - hope you managed to catch up on some sleep yesterday and had a decent night. How did the gaming go? Good to hear the cake made it to birthday day - have you had a report on how it tasted?
    Shelley - no post yesterday - hope you are OK. What did the doctor have to say?



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      Morning Linda. Do you still have snow! We are all still white no thaw in sight atm. The roads are blocks of ice but our garden and drive are pristine white. Take care on your shopping run.


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        Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
        Morning Linda. Do you still have snow! We are all still white no thaw in sight atm. The roads are blocks of ice but our garden and drive are pristine white. Take care on your shopping run.
        Apart from a very light smattering of snow a couple of weeks ago, and which lasted all of half an hour we haven't had any snow Had some ice and a few very heavy frosts, including this morning, but once I got off our road things improved and by the time I got to the A180 there was no problem at all

        Thank you for thinking of me


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          Morning all...

          Been out with the dog, Sue stayed home as the paths are treacherous.
          Started to get a bit sleety while we were out.

          Completed BSL course one yesterday, certificate on the way, start course two tonight.

          The shop cut is coming along as you saw, doing some more this afternoon.
          Cleaned the snow from both cars yesterday, thawed a bit then froze again, started them today, no problems.

          The snow is thawing but then dropping on to the conservatory. The dog is scared of the loud thumps so has spent most of today and yesterday behind the settee or under the bed 🤷🏻‍♂️

          That’s all folks, got to dash.



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            Afternoon all,

            Damp and cold here.

            Caroline, one of those days, I missed posting too, it happens.
            I think all of us never have exactly what we need for any particular project, as you say the right length zip or the matching buttons etc.
            Hope the shop reshuffle goes well and you have a fresh start to February.

            Linda, glad your trip out for the big shop went ok and you are home safely. Now settled in the chair being a cat cushion? Enjoy whatever you decide to do.

            Dave, well done on completion of level one. Glad the cars started ok, should check ours as not been out for ages and need to go out tomorrow.

            Yesterday just got away with me, spent most of it with my head in the accounts, by the time we had eaten and I did some more it was late and I just wanted to get to bed.

            I did speak to the doctor and I am having to go tomorrow to the surgery for blood tests, they can't get hold of the home phlebotomist people and she really wants some info to go on before adjusting my meds, which is all that is needed. So Simon will take me as I don't feel up to driving, we will visit the hardware shop on the way back and he can buy the bolts he needs to fix the dish.
            Just about coping, but still feel tired and queasy. Its a shame becuase I felt so much better for about a month, never mind hopefully we will sort it.

            Only thing I will be doing is the accounts, even though they announced yesterday they wouldn't penalize people for being late up to the end of February, I am just going to plod on and get it in as soon as possible. Then its done and I can get on with other things when hopefully I will feel better.

            Our snow on Sunday lasted an hour and no trace of it all by the end of the day. I suspect that is all we will get.

            Take care all,



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              Good evening,

              I did sleep a lot better last night, Super early morning again but looking forward to not having to deal with freezing morning tomorrow. Thank goodness for pre-icer otherwise the car would have been a nightmare this morning.
              Today I played a game, pretty much all day. It was nice and relaxing to focus on make-belief for a while. Gaming is another one of my interests! Tonight I plan on doing bit more colouring of the book. As it is the first time i have coloured a book it has taken a while to find the best way of doing it, especially how repetitive it is. I think I have finally found my rhythm with it.

              By all accounts the cake went down very well. The kids were taken round to my mum's on sunday so she could see them, first time in a very long time. Just a doorstep visit but i think it cheered my mum up a bit.

              Currently cooking some home made burgers for tea.
              Not a very interesting day!
              Hope yu all have a good evening
              Clare x