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Sunday 24th

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  • Sunday 24th

    Morning all, well what happened to yesterday? did a long spiel then pouff again! Oh well a lot of doing nothing so not that interesting. The usual standing in my sewing room, lack of inspiration and walking out agin, reading finished another book, thank goodness for Kindle. Read my new magazine Victoria Jan/Feb issue, still have country Living to go through. No cross stitching may give that a go today. Just going with the flow.

    Lovely dog walk yesterday saw the ponies but they did not bother us and vice versa. We have the same rules for livestock as the New Forest. Highland Cattle on the Punchbowl at Hindhead same rules apply.

    Not going out today as so cold, opened the back door for mutt he shot out and back in again, snuggled up to the radiator until the coffees were ready that got back into bed with us. Due snow if not already started but so dark out atm.

    Oh well back to dreaming, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Freezing cold, heavy frost everywhere, no breeze, no rain, not much daylight so far.

    Yesterday, not quite sure where it went, but collected George's medicine from Barton. Got the first dose down him - fortunately it can be given with food - when we got home and I cooked some fish as a bribe, made boxes for the cards I made Friday but I'm going to have to add something to some of the cards, don't know what but some definitely look unfinished, did a bit of knitting in the evening and that was about it.

    Today, not planning on going anywhere and no specific plans for creative activities - depends if it gets warm enough for me to want to move from the armchair! Three lots of medication to give George every day now - had a bit of fight with the first one just now as he's feeling better and his feistiness level has shot up. Other cat has started drinking water from the bowl and I'm just hoping it's because they're getting less wet food and more dry biscuits - will have to keep an eye on that.

    Caroline - wondered where you were yesterday, pleased to know it was a technical glitch and nothing more. Yesterday's dog walk sounds lovely, shame it's not the right weather to repeat today. How are BIL and sister? Hope you find something to keep you entertained/occupied during the day today.
    Dave - hope you managed to find a dog walk that wasn't too wet and muddy yesterday. Situation there sounds pretty awful for some people, but hope the water levels are stabilising if not receding. Any plans for BSL or cutting today?
    Clare - Wow! That is some marathon film watching - glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to take a break from crafting and it's good to have another interest. I hope the cake making is going well and your assistance hasn't been required too frequently - any chance of a picture when it's done? As for the craft stuff - no I don't have a house full of craft stuff (it's been reduced by about 80% over the last 5 or 6 years), but I do have pockets of stuff strewn around here and there and you can bet your bottom dollar that the things I need are not all in one place, hence having to gather things together
    Shelley - boxes are not a problem, but thanks I must have made thousands of them over a number of years - used to make them from old greeting cards - pictures on lids and plain card base - and sell them at craft fairs for a few pennies to raise funds for the local cat rescue charity. Water levels continue to drop and the dyke is now back to its usual winter level although the garden grass is still rather squidgy Hope you got the paperwork sorted and are up to date with things.



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      Enjoy your armchair day Linda.

      snowing hard here now and in a space of half n hour all white, huge flakes no let up until lunchtime.

      Bil is still on oxygen and they have put the catheter back, much to his disgust. Also getting bored so June contacted his daughter and she has packaged up some puzzle books and reading material, dropped off at the hospital reception and they get it to him. He is now happier. June is missing him but at the same time knows atm she could not cope, she has torn the ligaments in her back with all the lifting. The dogs are not eating and playing her up but at least a neighbour is walking them, will ring her in a bit.



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        Bil is still on oxygen and they have put the catheter back, much to his disgust. Also getting bored so June contacted his daughter and she has packaged up some puzzle books and reading material, dropped off at the hospital reception and they get it to him. He is now happier. June is missing him but at the same time knows atm she could not cope, she has torn the ligaments in her back with all the lifting. The dogs are not eating and playing her up but at least a neighbour is walking them, will ring her in a bit.
        Oh dear! That's sounds like a tough time all round, but BIL getting bored could be taken as a slight improvement. Torn ligaments in the back is a major problem and won't be a quick fix, so good that she's not trying to cope with him at home. Why is it some animals play up when you really need to be concentrating on other things - thank goodness for helpful neighbours.



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          Morning all.....woke up to a couple of inches of snow. Already seen at least three posts of people stuck in their cars and not able to get out of the area. One of the problems of living in a gorge is every road out is up and the main road that connects one end to the other for exit roads is blocked by flood defences.

          Did a bit more cutting yesterday, started on the other window now. Its taking a while, I’m in no rush.

          BSL this afternoon, recapping the words and fingerspelling what I’ve learned so far. I can spell without looking at my hands now and only occasionally pick the wrong vowel.

          Not going out with the dog today, she gets in the garden and just races around and around like something possessed when it snows....that will have to do instead of a walk.

          Hope rellies and animals are all on the mend.



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            Good afternoon!
            We seem to have avoided the snow this time round, which is good as I hve to drive in the morning. Not looking forward to the early mornings again next week, I can assure you I will not be staying up tonight!
            Yesterday I worked a bit more on the colouring of the book. The more I do it the more I am not liking the book, but I can't turn back now. I think the problem is that it is a paperback book when normally book folding is done on a hardback. Going to order some ribbon to make sure it holds together. Other than that I did a bit of boring housework and watched a couple more films. Last night we watched We Bought a Zoo which was really good, based off a zoo in Dartmoor.
            The cake looked amazing! super proud of my not so little bakers. I was not needed for assistance once, apart from to try and convice the youngest that 6 minutes is not long enough to allow a cake to cool! The plan was for the cake to be baked yesterday and decorated today, ready for birthday tomorrow, however it was all done yesterday, wondering today it if will last. I will put a picture up of it on facebook today and will dig out some that i have made over the years.
            Today's plan is a bit more of the same really.

            Caroline, reading is a perfect pastime for when you have a lack of inspiration. What sorts of books do you enjoy? I am currently reading The Handmaids Tale after watching the series last year. Glad to hear the BIL is seeming better, despite the catheter. Hope the puzzle books can help with his bordem.
            Dave, I watched a couple of the demolition videos, thank you. From floods to snow, I hope it doesnt get too much worse where you live. I can't wait to see how your shop turns out.
            Linda, It is good to have other interests, I have many. Too many. I am fasinated by so much. The list would be too long! Glad to hear George seems to be on the up. Is he good at taking medicine or is it a constant fight. My sisters cat would get colds but would completely refuse medication, she used to have to take him to the vet every coupld of days for them to inject him.
            Shelley, Hopefully you got all your accounting done. There was no popcorn this time, i need to get some next time i go shopping. What did you end up with for dinner?

            Have a great day guys
            Clare x


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              Is he good at taking medicine or is it a constant fight.
              George is definitely not good at taking medicine; however he is a very clever cat and I think he has made a connection between me shoving the liquid down his throat and feeling so much better than he has for a while - he still tries to get away from me and fights even when I've got him in an armlock, but does take the dose. The potassium supplement can go with food, so I'm cooking fresh fish as a bribe for him to take that dose.
              The other cat - younger, bigger and stronger, but not so intelligent would be a nightmare and I wouldn't even attempt to give him oral medicine. He put my husband in Hull Royal for a week when we were trying to catch him for veterinary treatment - he was a stray lurking in our garden - because he had one eye and the other was just a big orb of blood. Husband got bitten, husband wouldn't go to A&E immediately, ended up having to go after he'd been at work for a couple of hours, was admitted and ended up in theatre for them to clean out the infected finger joint followed by several days of IV antibiotics. Cat had to be trapped - took six weeks - before we could get him to the vets and they had to leave him in the trap overnight because "he was a bit lively"!! Lost the eye completely, but after R&R with the lovely vet nurse we brought him back here and he stayed



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                oh my word, that sounds scary. I have lived with cats before when living with my sister but im not really a cat person. So glad you are able to give them a good home and are able to care for them in the way that you do
                Clare x


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                  Evening all,

                  Snow - we had snow for about an hour and only about 3 cm, sun came out and it all disappeared. I did however hear the Thundersnow bang, about 6:30 in the morning I was woken by an horrendously loud bang, half a sleep I thought what the .. was that and promptly fell asleep again. It made the news which is how I found out what it was.

                  Caroline, shame your post went missing, at least all is well. I don't blame you for not going out, it was cold. It is good reading things on the tablet but Simon and I have subs to a couple of magazines each that we really like and its lovely for snuggling up in bed to have a read and not to have to have a screen on.
                  Boredom is a good sign of recovery, Simon when he was 17/18 had a bad car accident and was in hospital for 3 months, they finally let him go home when he was caught hosing down the gardener with the fire hose

                  Linda, what a sad start to Bert's little life, well done you for putting in the effort. Our first cat was ginger tom that moved in with us, our dog found him hiding under the spare bedroom bed, so it was his cat, he lost an eye at 16 and went on to live another 3 years quite happily. They do seem to adapt to one eye really well.
                  I would suspect all his outside drinking water is frozen over, ours drank more inside when it froze.
                  Luckily for me the one cat, Bernie, who needed lots of medical attention and drugs at the beginning and the end of his life was so good at pills, meds in the eye and all manner of treatments.

                  Clare, saw the pictures of the cake, well done, brilliant ideas. Sometimes you need to finish a project and then realise its more like you imagined.
                  I wonder if the cake made it till tomorrow too
                  Accounts not finish, will take a few days.

                  Today had a nice lie in, got up and pottered around doing morning things. Still not feeling 100%, going to ring the doctors again, I feel like I did before they started me on the meds for the overactive thyroid, so maybe dose needs tweaking?

                  It was pretty much a nothing day, no energy, feeling queasy. Had dinner, fell asleep on the sofa again. Woke up awhile ago did some tidying up, fed cats and did pills.

                  Looking forward to an early night and speaking to the doctor in the morning.

                  Take care all,