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Saturday 23rd

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  • Saturday 23rd

    Morning all! Very cold, very frosty but sunny, not much breeze and no rain.

    Yesterday, made a start on doing something with the silk flowers but spent most of the time gathering materials from various parts of the house, deconstructing little flower sprays that had been made into brooches/pins and playing around trying to decide what to do and how to do it. Did eventually put a few cards together, but they're not finished and boxes need to be made (on safer ground there). Had a call from the vet's - had difficulty understanding the chap and he seemed to be trying to sell me a treatment for George's kneecap problem rather than telling me results of the blood tests. However, I gathered that sodium is back within limits but potassium is low again - so more medication there. Going to collect it soon and will hopefully have a more definite date for next blood tests due than "1 to 3 months" that I kept getting yesterday. Did a few rows of knitting in the evening, but hands still hurting too much to do more than a short burst of knitting.

    Today, clearing up done and a couple of the non-daily jobs also done. Spoken to vet's re George's medicine - collecting soon, then will see about making some boxes for the cards. No other plans.

    Caroline - snuggling again? How did the flower making go? Any further news on BIL?
    Dave - what news on the water levels? I hope they have peaked and starting to go down now. Very sad news about yet another loss of life - on the face of it, it does seem mental health related; family and friends must be devastated.
    Clare - making progress on the latest project? Quite a challenge doing something you haven't done before (the colouring), so hope you are doing well with it.
    Shelley - glad to hear recovery is still progressing. You must have the tidiest, most organised crafting areas around - with all your recent new storage, machines and tidying up I bet your place looks spectacular and you can put your hand on anything you need within moments. Hope Simon enjoyed his sausage and you both enjoyed the chips


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    Morning all.....

    Bright and frosty here.
    Flood waters peaked at midnight and have receded slightly. This one was quite a bad one, the volume of water was rising up the defences which are about 5-6ft high and started to push them back towards the shops so residents at that end got together and helped the environment agency to put sacks of rocks all along the road, between the barriers and shop walls to stop them moving inwards. If the barriers were breached...every shop would have flooded, luckily none along there were.
    Everywhere that flooded before has flooded again, the cafe at the end of our road flooded for the fourth time in about 14 months. There was a temporary wall around it in case the Dale brook opposite burst its banks, this time it came up through the floor. Living near a river looks a great idea in summer.....I’ll say no more.

    Nothing planned for today, walk the dog, the usual. Took a trip to Morrisons yesterday for some essentials that we can’t get locally, not too many in there. We only do that about once a month.

    The highlight of the day, they blew up another part of the power station building, its less than a mile away but on the other side of the river, felt like an earthquake but the foundations are really deep.

    That’s it. Hope everyone is well. Linda, all the best for George’s recovery too.



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      this time it came up through the floor

      That's the problem we have - if the surface water level outside gets to the top of well it means there's an inch or more of water around the house and it comes up through the kitchen floor - fortunately the dining room is 6 inches higher so is usually safe. Every floor and ceiling in this house is a different height to those adjacent to it!

      Linda, all the best for George’s recovery too.
      George says thank you very much - he's doing OK today and has just had his first dose of the potassium supplement



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        Good morning (just)
        Had a couple of interesting and fun evenings. The best way to describe myself and my OH are just massive geeks, with no particular particular interest. One element of that is movies. We don't do it as much now but we used to always be watching films. We used to have unlimted cards at the cinema and would find outselves there a 3-4 times a week! You guys know i was reading the Twilight books and had the intention to craft with them, which is the current book folding project. I had never seen the films, until Thursday night when we watched all 5 of them! We started about 6pm and finished around 4:30am! I haven't pulled an all nighter in a fair while. I went to bed and when i got up ended up crashing again and slept a further 2 hours. So yesterday was pretty much a non-starter. You think we would learn our lesson... but no. Last night we watched Star Trek films until 3am. It was fun end to the OH's week off.
        So not much crafting has happened!
        Today's plan is some housework followed by another film this evening. This weekend is normally cake baking of the girl i made the card for. Her 8 year old sister is taking up the challenge so I am on call to offer over the phone assistance!

        Linda, I hope George is recovering well. Gathering crafting materials from various parts of the house sounds like you live in a crafty treasure trove!
        Dave, Flooding is so devastating. I hope you don't get too affected by it, it sounds like there is a huge community spirit where you live. I would have loved to have seen the demolition!
        Caroline, Royal Mail are a bit of a nightmare at the moment. Unfortunatly they are swamped and are running on skeleton staff. Hopefully your parcel can be collected soon. Hopefully Shiloh is behaving a bit better today.
        Shelley, I am really sorry, I kept missing your messages as didn't often go back to the previous day when I posted. Hope you are well. How did the paper organising go? It sounds like a very relaxing chore to me.

        Have a great day everyone. As i was writing this post the snow has started again. We just got rid of the last lot!

        Clare x


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          Clare...we are up the hill a bit so out of danger of floods.
          If you want to see it you can watch it on Youtube now, “Ironbridge power station demolition” it shows the four cooling towers coming down from earlier last year or before and the latest bit of demolition this week.


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            Thanks Dave, I will check that out. I am fascinated by pretty much anything out of the ordinary, well actually anything ordinary as well!


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              Afternoon all,

              Dry and sunny here but cold.

              Linda, glad George is holding his own, I am sure he will level out and settle down to happy routine. The silk flowers sound so delicate and pretty. Boxes are quite straight forward if you approach it sensibly.
              Really hope the water levels stay low.

              Dave, sounds quite nerve racking for the shopkeepers, the cafe people must be made of strong stuff, after the second time I would have been throwing the towel in. Haha, it wasn't till I wrote it that I realised what I said. Living near any water is fine in the summer, winter by the seaside - no thanks
              How long will it take to finish the demolition?

              Clare, it been a very long time since I pulled an all nighter, if I was out working at a gig it would be no trouble, but at home all cosy on the sofa watching movies, I would be snoring half way through the second one.
              Enjoy tonight's movie, got popcorn?
              I am usually the last one to post so you will miss my posts unless you go back. My notification are set so that if someone posts on a topic I have posted in it will send me an email link to the new post on my android phone.

              Caroline, all ok? or a post that is off in the ether?

              Today had to get up early to let the coalman deliver, 10 bags, half a ton this time, should last a bit.
              Spent the afternoon sorting crafting paper/card and no Linda it is not all wonderfully organized and to hand, but I do know where things are
              Then I made a start on the accounts, again first sorting paperwork, then tomorrow more sorting then inputting it all in to the spreadsheet, that will occupy me till it all done Tax and VAT by the 31 of Jan.

              Need to come up something for dinner, then more accounts.

              Take care all.