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Friday 22nd

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  • Friday 22nd

    Morning all, cold but dry here hope to get a long walk in later. My parcel being sent by RM should have been collected yesterday wasn’t now need to pan how to rebook. 2nd time this has happened and think to do with the fact we do not get post every day. A return so not as annoyed as I would be if a sale.

    Today making some organza ribbon flowers, not done for years. Yet as cannot be bothered to do anything else, thought would keep me occupied. Will have a lot of work on the 1st sorting out my shop with sale items etc.

    Hope you are all feeling okay and pets are behaving themselves. Shiloh was naughty all day yesterday all because I snuck out to the post box when he was not looking. Had a superglued dog to me for the rest of the day.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Delighted to say it is dry outside on the hardstanding, sun is trying to break through, bit of breeze around but still quite cold. No rain forecast for today, dyke level has dropped a couple of inches.

    Yesterday was a nothing day - everything revolving around trips to the vet. Phone call from the vet's to arrange George's collection for 1.00pm ish and the news that the leg problem is a luxating patella (kneecap slipping in and out of the groove where it's supposed to sit) - but being George he couldn't be "normal" and his slips to both sides instead of just one, and additionally the right leg is also showing signs of the same thing. There is a surgical solution but the vet who saw him (Pete is one of the two owners of the practice and knows George well) thinks it's not a good idea at his age, so we're going to keep an eye on things and he'll need to go back if it gets worse. Other than that I finished the unpicking and managed a few rows of knitting on the current hat project, but nothing else.

    Today, overslept and despite a couple of disturbances for bathroom during the night slept more than I have done for some time - assuming I'd been subconsciously worrying about George and the weather situation on top of other stuff. George had more or less forgiven me for yesterday's trauma of car travel and leaving him at the vet's but then I went and arm-locked him to shove more medicine down his throat so I'm out of favour again. Feeling a little more energetic today and thinking about trying to make up some cards with some of the small sprays of silk flowers my Mum made - I'll have to make boxes for the cards as well as they'll be 3d, but I've got a stack of card buried in the spare bedroom. Will have to see if I actually get round to doing anything.

    Caroline - have realised, from Shelley's comment, that I haven't been seeing fb posts on your page and missing pictures of your snuggly boy - going to sort that! Hope you get your flowers done - looking forward to seeing pictures.
    Dave - hope you got a bit more sleep last night. How are the water levels? Hope you and Flo can get out for a decent walk some time today. Fingers crossed that Amy finds she can cope with the Easter eggs OK.
    Clare - nice to see you posting yesterday - don't apologise for not posting it's not compulsory! It's just that when we don't see one of the regulars for a couple of days we have concern that they might be unwell. It sounds like you've been really busy with the creativity and hope the colouring session went well. l'm looking forward to seeing the pictures/video when they are ready.
    Shelley - there are far too many covidiots (and other idiots) around - makes you wonder how the human race has managed to survive for so long and how much longer before we're all annihilated through our own stupidity. Glad to hear you are feeling better after the adjustment to medication; fingers crossed that everything settles quickly. Presumably it will be Simon sorting out the satellite pole - hope all goes well, picture and sound restored and Simon stays safe.



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      Morning all....

      Yesterday did a bit of cutting, bit of BSL, rewaxed my coat in preparation for the weather tuning wetter still.

      Woke up this morning, really bright, very thick frost and a full inbox of community news because the river shot up with a vengeance over night. Our road is closed again, the Wharfage is closed due to flood barriers being deployed.
      Some cottages across the river are flooded again, so are the riverside houses at the next couple of villages the aptly named “The Boat” pub which always gets it, as it sits in a dip, around 4-5 ft of water in there plus there’s a car floating along...
      We are ok, up the hill a bit, I did see that the environmental people had built a temporary wall around the cafe at the bottom. It’s expecting to peak at.....6.5m!!
      That’s some volume of water.
      Forgot to mention, a lady around a month ago was reported as missing. She had drove to the next village down about two miles away, they found her car abandoned at a riverside car park. She apparently had a fragile mental state, was considered vulnerable so search and rescue teams were called out but found nothing. She was unfortunately found in the river near her car, two weeks ago. There had been a swell due to the rain, when it subsided she was found, she had drowned. Very sad, she’s not the first.

      Linda....Poor old George, doesn’t do things by halves does he? Hope there's a solution. Good point on not seeing posts, I don’t get to see quite a few, even in groups I admin for, FB is totally useless to be honest..

      Caroline, caught the last few of that lovely big polar bear of yours 😁

      Clare, good to see you around again, no need apologise, we all get a bit twitchy if a regular goes off the radar regardless 😂😂

      Shelley, glad you are on the mend. Safest place is in the house....”What lockdown?”....the world has gone mad!

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        Afternoon all,

        Dry and sunny here, haven't been out so don't know if its cold, I think so.

        Caroline, organza ribbon flowers sound fun, should look very pretty. If sticking to you all day is the worst he will do if you sneak off, I would do it more often It should be fun sorting your shop, not like you have to actually lift anything

        Linda, poor old George, at least you know what it is, painkillers at the ready is about all you can do, surgery at his age with his complications would just not be worth it.
        Glad you got a good night's sleep, funny how the mind can influence our sleep and indeed health.
        Flowers for you too, must be spring in the air.

        Dave, not surprised the water levels are rising, on the news it said Wales had loads of rain and you are in the path of the runoff. Glad you are up the hill.
        Shame about the lady, do they think it was accidental or what she wanted?

        Clare ok?

        Today still recovering, seems to be one step forward and two backwards.
        Going to sort my paper out, these are groups of colours, textures and weights I picked out for flowers and want to keep in those groups. This is what I bought the expanding file folder for but have change my mind as is much bigger than I imagined. So have come up with a plan to shuffle things about and end up with four A4 drawers to store them in. Will use the file for business papers.
        Might start this later.

        Need to think about supper, don't fancy anything. Simon has just announced he is going to buy himself a battered sausage and chips, so i will have some of his chips, they give a huge amount.
        So need to go and get ready.

        Take care all,



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          Shelley, the lady, it’s hard to say really. That part of the river has no easy access without climbing down the embankment plus it is dangerous there as it narrows and picks up speed. Even just getting in you wouldn’t stand much chance as it was already swollen.