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Tuesday 19th

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  • Tuesday 19th

    Morning all! Wet, wet and more wet. Much milder temperature, but not sure I like it this way. Dyke and well levels have risen, but not at danger level yet.

    Yesterday, I ended up doing a bit of tidying and sorting of craft stuff - had a couple of lots of cotton canvas which were obviously offcuts from something (Scrap Store buy) for some time so sorted, cut off damaged and unuseable bits then cut the rest into sensible shaped and sized pieces. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but no doubt it will come in some time. Then I rearranged some of the shelves in the crafting area, sorted through the pile of fabric bits I have there, ditched some of it and tidied the rest. Spent the afternoon hand sewing myself a new face mask - will add elastic and nose wire when the next disposal mask is ready for disposal (so easy to just cut the elastic off and reattach to the fabric covering). Evening, OH went and fetched the heavy duty pump, lighter pump and hoses from the garage in case we need them. I dashed into Barton to get some milk to last us until Thursday - won't be doing shopping until then.

    Today, will be finding things to do where I can stay in the kitchen/front of house so I can keep an eye water levels. Had a brisk walk to the post box to post friend's birthday card 'cos I've been forgetting to do it for the last couple of days. Pleased to see that George's walking doesn't seem to be too bad comparatively, today but it does tend to be rather variable.

    Dave - assuming it is very wet where you are, hoping the drainage systems are coping and everyone is safe.
    Clare - very sorry to hear you had a bad day recently - we all have them, but I appreciate it affects everyone differently. I hope you are back on an even keel today and managed to enjoy a walk outside yesterday. What's the next craft project you've got lined up? I don't watch the Great Pottery Throw Down - watched the first couple of series, but found it tediously boring (the presentation rather than the work being done) and I don't have a great interest in pottery so gave up on it; I did try a workshop once, but it didn't do anything for me.
    Caroline - hope Shiloh has behaved himself on today's walk. You are the Monday house cleaning queen - always exhausts me when I read what you have been doing Glad to hear Paul is continuing to improve, despite the embarrassment etc, and glad your sister will have some help. Not allowed in the vet's building - we park up then text to say we've arrived and in due course someone comes out to collect him and take him in. So far I've had to use a different parking space every time (only a very small car park), but apart from separation anxiety - mainly owners rather than pets I think - it works quite well.
    Shelley - dyke level is high, but the water is filthy muddy so obviously flowing quite well - fingers are crossed. Great news that Meimei is so much better and is no longer limping. Hope the rat man can come soon and your R number is soon back to zero. Defluffing the fleece on to the cutting mat - not the best idea! LOL ! We do these things without thinking about it so many times


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    Morning all...damp here, rained overnight.
    We haven’t had much rain but judging by the river levels Wales has. The Severn is up about five feet here at the minute.

    Did a little bit more to the cut, one side of the double window nearly cut.

    Lisa dropped by for her mounts etc yesterday. I leave them in a bag, behind a large planter at the front, she leaves the money there in another bag and knocks the door, then is about 10ft away when I actually open it. They walk the trails at the back of our house so drop by walking past to go home.

    I see it reported that some Shropshire hospitals have some help from the military as there are staff shortages due to CV, I think ours has. Not surprised, its as busy with people as no lockdown, not deserted as it should be.

    Clare, sorry to hear you’ve had an anxiety blip, its one of those, we’ve probably all had them, I know I have, I just try to carry on regardless, they go eventually.

    Linda on red alert with the water levels, we are always a bit twitchy until April has gone.

    Caroline, the usual domestic Whirlwind.

    Shelley, good luck with the ratman.



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      Afternoon everyone,

      Rain all morning, bit of break just now long enough to fill the bird feeders, started raining again.

      Linda, its very good for the brain to sort stuff out, you have a better idea what have and the ideas can start flowing while sorting. Fabric can get in a mess if you don't keep on top of it.
      Man the pumps eh? Better ready than wet I hope it stay in the dykes for you.
      Glad George is doing ok, I wonder if depends on the weather?

      Dave, I think the worst of the rain is to come.
      Good delivery system, all safe, and transactions complete.
      Hospitals everyway are struggling I think, just so much demand, covidiots really not helping. A group of people partying in a shed were raided by police and when questioned they said they didn't know there was a pandemic on as they don't watch TV. I don't think that cut it.
      Nice and steady with the shop cut.

      Caroline, busy day? post off in the ether? Hope its been a good day.

      Clare, hope all is well and the card is done. Started on the book folding yet?

      Today, had to be up early enough to be downstairs to hear the doorbell for the delivery of my repeats. As it happens I also got my expanding file folder that was supposed to arrive on Friday, so worth the effort. Will spend some time sorting it later.

      I think I might have to speak to the docs again, I am feeling really tired and achy like I did when first diagnosed with the over active thyroid, wonder if I need a blood test to make sure it the correct dosage and I haven't gone too far the other way, so will call tomorrow morning.

      Take care all,



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        You spoke too soon Shelley, levels have risen, flood defences going up at 8am tomorrow 😂😂



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          Oh, sorry I spoke

          You will be ok, you are higher up, maybe it will stop the covidiots?

          Take care be safe.